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Every Job is Important


I just watched my honey heading out on his first trip to fly a new plane for a new airline… I watched him walk off in his new uniform, rolling behind him was his official crew baggage. As I watched him walk off I could not help but smile as I considered all the many jobs I have seen this man walk into- and I mean MANY. I have watched him head out our door to head to construction sites where he would be laying tile and granite. I have watched him walk out our door to head to insurance sales meetings. I have watched him walk out our door in full camo, heading out for new ventures with the US Army. I have watched him head out our door starting the new venture of learning to fly. I have watched him head out our door to meet with advertisers and discuss new designs and layouts in the magazine he created. I have watched him head out our door to serve up tacos from a food truck that he bought, designed and personally upgraded. I have watched him head out our door with boxes of t-shirts designed and pressed by him in route to local marathon runners. I have watched him walk out our door to fly for the National Guard. Over the twelve years of our marriage, and over the nearly 20 years I have known him, I have watched him walk into many jobs… Flashbacks to the smell of plumeria flowers as we held hands walking to his job as a bagger for the commissary when he was 15… He has never ceased to work.

But there is a reason I wanted to share his many “jobs” with whoever may read this today- and it is this: I want you to know something that the Lord continues to remind me of through my husband:

Every job is equally important. Every job is part of a greater purpose. If you have asked Christ into your heart and asked him to guide you and lead you- Everywhere you step, Christ is stepping. Your “job” is so much more than a paycheck. It is a God-given opportunity to make a difference. My husband knows this. He reminds me of this. And in that knowledge is found the secret to having deep joy in any job.

Whatever job you may be stepping into today, I pray you will be encouraged and reminded that God is stepping with you. Some of you may step into new offices today, new countries and cities… Some of you may simply step back into the same kitchen to prepare a meal for the same little faces… Each job is equally important and infact, often the “least of the jobs” is where Christ is seen the greatest:

To the Walmart employee called to unclog the toilet… Christ is shining in you. To the trash collector grabbing hold of what no one else wants to even smell let alone touch- Christ is shining in you. To the foster parent taking in the hurt and angry child who curses you and “will never” see you as his or her parent- Christ is shining in you.

Whatever job God has called you to today- it is important. It is God-given. May you shine today in the job you do.



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Not Balance, But Rhythm

Stop striving for the perfect balance.

Balance implies that every area of your life will be equally tended and given equal amounts of time. They simply will not be.

There will be certain areas of your life that are played out and repeated more often than others. Many hours dedicated in certain areas, and not nearly as many as others. But like a song- all areas can come together in a beautiful, God-orchestrated rhythm.

HIS rhythm.

So much better than striving for the perfect balance is this:

Matthew 11:28-30
The Message (MSG)
“… Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace…”

Not balance, but rhythm.
Not striving, but grace.



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Oh, Praise…

We are told to train our kids with it.
“When they do well, praise them.”
“When they try hard, praise them.”


And then there is that little “like” button,
Looming under every word we post,
The chance to receive praise.

It is nice to know someone likes what you said. It is nice to receive that little touch of praise.

But what happens when there is no apparent praise?

What happens when you know full well that all the work you are doing will not be seen nor praised by men? Do you still give it your all?

What happens when you truly don’t know if anyone will “like” the words on your heart? Do you post them anyway?

Is God seeing enough?
Is God praising enough?
Is God knowing you and “liking” you enough?

Is He really enough?

He is.

So work hard, even if no one is watching. Post those words He places on your heart, even if you are not sure if anyone will “like” them.

And listen closely.

You just may hear his praise.

Luke 19:17
“‘Well done!’ the king exclaimed. ‘You are a good servant. You have been faithful with the little I entrusted to you…


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A Late Night Thought

If we could only wrap our mind around the promises of God, and truly have faith, we would have no excuse to fear or quit anything. Nothing could stop us, except for complete and total confidence that God Himself is saying, “Stop.”


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Make this Monday Wonderful

Put on thankfulness this Monday morning.

Start by considering all the things in your life that you should be thankful for.

Are you healthy?
Others are battling sickness.

Did you have food to eat for breakfast?
Others did not.

Did you have a hard time deciding what to wear today?
For some there is no decision.

Did you have a bad hair day?
Some have no hair, their therapy has caused it to all fall out.

Did you lock the door of your home on your way to work?
Some have no home nor job to go to.

Did you get in a car to continue your travels?
Some have no car.

Did you kiss your spouse good-bye this morning?
Some have no spouse.

Did your needy little ones wake you earlier than planned?
Some little ones never awoke.

Are you meeting a friend for lunch?
Some have no friends.

And what else can you be thankful for?

Consider all that you have and be thankful, truly thankful.

Make today a wonderful, meaningful, Monday.


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Flying Kites


Last week I watched as our sons tried to fly kites in our backyard. There was one problem. There was very little wind.

Our oldest son, determined to see his kite up in the air, began running in circles around our backyard. Sure enough, his kite began to climb up in the air. His face lit up watching it soar high above. But soon enough he grew tired of running in circles and the kite fell low to the ground.

Our other boys tried their best to get their kites up in the air, running like their brother. The three were a sight to see as lines began to cross and tangle, and kites fell to the ground below. They hurried in for the scotch tape.

As I continued to watch them, one thing became clear. They needed more wind and I knew where they could find it. We loaded up the family in our van and headed for the reservoir. There the wind would make its way over the grassy hill and their kites would soar far from any lofty trees seeking to block a breeze or tangle lines. There we would find a rest from the running.

When we got there we were not disappointed. The children were filled with joy watching their kites fly up in the air. Our five year-old son stood filled with pride. His kite, which had the longest string, had climbed high above all the others. It soared in a steady stream of wind, undisturbed by the changing winds below.

There was no running necessary. It was so simple that even our two year-old daughter was able to enjoy success. She stood at the top of the hill next to her five siblings with her bright eyes, big cheeks, and beautiful smile. She looked at me, pointed at her soaring kite, and then filled with glee she said a word I have never heard her say before, “Perfect!”

Perfect… Isn’t that the word we all strive for, whether we want to admit it or not? We all strive to do anything, simply anything, just like the seasoned and successful people we see. In that moment, as I stood there watching their kites soar high above, I knew we had done it. We were not running in circles, trying to keep things a float. We were not tangling lines and getting all tangled up in our self-made mess. We were in the right place, at the right time. If only for a few moments, we got it perfect. There was peace and joy and it was EASY.

Now not every task will be easy in life, but in that moment I was reminded that sometimes, when you are at that place where you are tired of running in circles, it may just be that you are in the wrong place all together. It may just be that you need to pray and ask the Lord to lead you to the center of His will and from there, simply hold tight and soar.



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The Divine Epidural

Some people look at me like I am some sort of a super woman because I am about to give birth to our sixth child. I can assure you, I am far from a super woman. My grandmother on the other hand, now that is a super woman. She had 11 kids and to the best of my knowledge she had them all naturally.

Not I. Say what you will, but I tried once to “go natural.” I felt the pains and endured them for hours, only to end up breaking down and taking the epidural. The difference was like night and day. I went from horrible pains that were producing very little to no progress in my labor, to literally sleeping through intense, productive, labor and birthing a child almost entirely pain free. I have opted for an epidural with each of my deliveries. Like I said, no Super Woman here. I am weak and I grow weary and I enjoy the rest. I did suffer from some horrible headaches after one of my deliveries, most likely due to the epidural, but overall, still well worth the trade off.

I don’t write this to advocate epidurals or stir up some debate over natural vs. medicated labor- to each their own. I simply write it because I am nine months pregnant and lately, every evening, I am reminded of the pains of labor.

I try to toss and turn through “false” labor pain after pain and as I do I am reminded of a promise Jesus made to us. He said, “”Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Laboring in vain is painful. It causes you to lose sleep, become anxious and disappointed and it is entirely fruitless. Have you been there?

Have you been anxiously awaiting the “birth” of something in your own life? Have you “felt it” coming for some time, only to find that day after day, it still has not come? Are you growing weary from the labor?

I feel your pain tonight and I want to assure you of one thing- It will come.

Now you can opt to keep “feeling the pain” or you can opt for The Divine Epidural. You can opt forJesus Christ. You can confess that you are weak and tired and in desperate need of rest. You can call for Jesus, receive his peace and rest well, knowing that He is still working. Your delivery is on the way, and there will be no headaches to follow its arrival, thanks to the One Who matters most.

Laboring with you,


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