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Why I Write

I have been thinking about my writing…

I cannot make others read or enjoy what I write, just as I cannot make my own children enjoy the food I put on our table. (Blame it on their taste buds. No way could it be my cooking.)

When my children refuse what I prepare, or when my husband does not make it home in time to join our meal, I do not feel like I have failed as a mom or a wife. In fact, quite the opposite, I feel I have been faithful in doing my part. I prepared and shared the best meal I could with those who I love. If they did not like it, or never showed up to eat it, it does not change the fact that I prepared it and shared it out of love.

I could easily serve only me and sneak off and consume my meals in secret. (Not that I am not known to do that as well… After all, when you have five little ones, one Reese’s peanut butter cup can only go so far.) Point is this: When I share, I share out of love.

And so it is with what I write. You may not have a taste for everything I write. You may not even be around when I am serving it. But know the reason it is out here “on the table” is because I love you enough to share what I know to be good. I hope you enjoy what I share and know I share it with you out of love.

And though I post a lot, believe me, I am not sharing everything with you. Especially not my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I don’t want to over-feed you after all…


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