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A Fire to Change the World

I didn’t read the public figure’s entire post, just the first line, “I have a fire in me to change the world…”

It struck me then, how many of us claim to have a fire in us to change the world.

How I claim to have a fire in me to change the world… Or at least some small part of it.

And it struck me all the harder, as I sat there hours later at our kitchen table, still waiting on our son to finish his assignments. The incredibly strong smell of another dirty diaper approached with our youngest son:

How sad is it? I say I have this fire in me to change the world, and yet I don’t have enough “fire in me” to want to change a diaper? I say I have a fire in me to change the world, and yet I don’t have enough fire in me to want to continue to sit for hours next to a child struggling with his schoolwork, while all his brothers and sisters are long done?

Where does the world begin to change really, if not within the very walls of the home first?

What is to say that this young child next to me, is not one who will grow up to truly change the world?

World missions is often no further than a kitchen table.


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Who am I? Finding my identity after becoming a Mom

For nearly the past 11 years I have been a stay at home mom. I can remember that first year of being a mom being such a learning time. I had to learn that my identity wasn’t wrapped up in my job or my pay check. (Thank God for that as hubby can testify it wasn’t much!) My identity wasn’t wrapped up in my college major. I didn’t suddenly become less of a person because I dropped out of college in my third year to stay home and raise our son. My identity that first year was something I really struggled with. What was I? I was a wife and a stay at home mom. Still am. In many ways that is my identity. And I thank God for it.

But you know something? Even that isn’t my identity- at least not all of it. And thank God for that. Why? Because all of it can be taken away in any moment.

It is good to consider that. It is good to consider that your loved ones can be gone at any moment. Good to consider that your job can be lost. Good to consider that your goals can fall short. Considering it will make you consider the big question- what is your true identity? Who are you with no title? What is your purpose? In what or who can you hang your worth?

I found only one answer to that question: In Jesus Christ.

The God of the Universe sent his only Son to die for you. You were made by almighty loving hands, hands that bled. You were redeemed by almighty bleeding feet and arms stretched wide. You were and are desired. You were and are of infinite worth. You were born and continue to live with the grand purpose of experiencing and sharing the love of God.

That calling to share the love of God is wide spread, but there will be seasons when God calls you to really focus on particular people. It may your kids. It may be your spouse. It may be a co-worker or the student sitting next to you in that class. Whoever you are, wherever you are, at all times there is purpose. At all times there is worth.

So who are you? What is your identity? You are a daughter or son of the almighty God, created by divine hands to live out his love. That is your identity. In that is your worth. I pray you would consider that tonight. I pray that your heart and mind would truly grab ahold of it. It will give you new passion, new purpose, and wonderful new peace with who you are.

Galatians 2:20
I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.


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Putting Away the Dishes… Again


“The dishes need put away… Ughh… Didn’t I just do this yesterday? And the day before that? And before that?

I hate putting away dishes. What is the point really? Why do I spend so much time putting them ‘in there place’? Is it even worth the time I spend?”

These were my thoughts, until I remembered how God put all things in there proper place.

All things.

The stars…

The seas…

The crashing waves…


He put ME in my place.

He perfectly placed me to see what I have seen, meet who I have met, experience what I have experienced. And not just me.

He placed my husband, in the perfect place to meet me.

We have all been perfectly placed. Placed with a purpose.

Placed where we can be found.

So, does it matter where I place my clean dishes? Yes, it matters. Because when I place them where they belong, I can clearly see the work of the One who washed me,

And placed me,

And continues to place me,

Exactly where I need to be.


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