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We will Leave our Imprint

Sometimes I wish my little phone camera could catch with greater depths the beauty I see.

I woke up this morning, walked into our kitchen, passed by glass doors covered with smudges and little hand prints.

Out passed those doors a morning mist was gently moving across a dark and still lake.

Stepping closer to our kitchen windows I caught sight of what inspired me to write this morning- one window among a row of windows, covered in dew.

A tiny slug must have made its way across this window pane.

And every where it went, behind it was left its trail.

The slug is gone, but the trial remains and what is left is an intricately beautiful history web.

Like a flash of lighting caught on a dew canvas, with bolts that lead to the morning sun…

I want my life to leave an imprint such as this.

If I could only see it all the time,

How every moment and every choice,
like finger prints on a glass door, are leaving their mark.

And sometimes we… or maybe just I… feel like I am a mess, like I am all over the place.

Because like my little camera, I can’t seem to focus on the beauty in the picture.

I fail to capture the beautiful web that only God can see.

And sometimes our lives can feel so small, so worthless, so terribly finite, like a morning mist and the dew that is here and then gone.

And yet the truth is, our lives and the tracks we leave can be infinite…

Can lead others to the Son.

So here are my pictures of kitchen windows, slug tracks and finger prints on doors.

I pray this morning they might inspire someone else as well to consider how every touch leaves its mark, every word leaves its trail.

And we will leave our imprint.

May we see that and see it well.






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Sleep Well Precious Reader

While holding our son tonight, I believe I was finally able to express in some small degree what I feel when I hold a sleeping child.

I wanted to share it with you tonight as a reminder to you- that you are God’s child and there is nothing, Absolutely Nothing, worth losing sleep over.

Sleep well tonight precious reader.

You are in your Father’s arms.


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Capture the Moment

Yesterday I lost all the pictures and videos that I had stored on my phone. Just like that, four months of precious moments gone. It brought me to tears. Even more as I thought about it into the evening.

That is how life is. So many moments and in an instant they are gone. No one remembers the song they sang when they were three or the way their dad threw them into the air under a tree to catch them in his arms, over and over and over again, at the tender age of one. I wanted to hold on to those moments in the only way I knew how.

One-thousand and thirteen moments gone in a second. Thousands are gone every day. You want to press pause and hold each moment for just a moment longer but you can’t.

I have told myself that I am taking the pictures for our kids but I know that is not the truth. Truly, they will grow older and chances are- like me- have very few pictures of their childhood. I have thousands of pictures stored on disks and on computers, some that no longer run. I wish I could print them all and place them in boxes that would keep forever, mark each child’s name on them and file each picture by date.

Even then I could not hold on to time. I can’t keep the ones I love in a box. I can’t keep them in my home. I can’t keep them in this world.

They will eventually be gone. We all will. All we can do is try our best to capture every moment, to zoom in closer to the hearts of those we love and focus on the beauty of every moment, whether it be light or dark. For every moment is but a stroke of color, filling the canvas of our life. Strive to capture each moment and take in every color for its glorious worth. We cannot see the big picture on that canvas of our life, but we are given the blessed opportunity to lean in and see in great detail the moments that matter most.


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I see Jesus

Our thirteen-year old cousin just came back from a camp experience that changed her life.  On the last evening of the camp she became intrigued with the clouds above… she said she swore she could see Jesus’ face in the clouds.  She did not show anyone out of fear that they would tease her.  But I’ll tell you what… I see Jesus.


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