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What age are you turning?

In the van again, on our way to church. The kids are discussing what ages they are going to be. Our three-year old daughter is not pleased with the age she is going to be. She tells her brothers, “I am going to be two.” Our six year-old son looks at her with a very pensive expression and replies, “I don’t know about that. God has a purpose for you to be turning four and he has purpose for (his older brother) turning nine, and (his younger brother) turning six and me turning seven…”

(From the mouth of a six-year old…)

And so I ask you, What age are you going to be? What age are your children going to be? Are you embracing where you are at or are you trying to stay where you have been? Embrace your age because regardless of what age you are turning, God has a purpose for you, too- and that is what matters most.


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