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The Bushes that Remain Burning

“A burning bush is not that uncommon… But a bush that stays burning… Now that is uncommon.”

A guest minister elaborated today on the sight of a burning bush as described in the Bible. Familiar with the region where Moses saw the famous burning bush described in Exodus, the minister shared this little bit of insight. He shared how a burning bush would not necessarily catch ones attention in that region, but a bush that remained burning would. I heard it, but didn’t think much more about it until tonight.

I lit a fire in our backyard to burn some branches and shrubs from our yard. They wouldn’t catch at first and so I added pine straw. Pine straw catches quick. It burns so hot, so fast but it will quickly burn out. And so there I was walking, back and forth from our big pine tree, grabbing handfuls of pine straw to keep the fire going and his words came back to me:

“A burning bush is not that uncommon… But a bush that stays burning… Now that is uncommon.”

A burning bush…

It reminds me of a blog I follow by Ann Voskamp. When I first started reading her blog I noticed how on her home page was the logo of a burning bush with words something like “where every bush is ablaze.”

I got it then for the first time. That you and I, we are the bushes. We are here and gone.

But like the burning bush in the story of Moses, God can light us up. His presence can be felt all about us. His voice can be heard coming from us. Yes, I believe that is possible.

And I have seen it. I have seen many, many burning bushes.

But the ones that remain burning- those are not nearly as common. Those are the ones that catch my attention.

And often their fire is not some huge, dramatic, stand-back, bonfire type of fire. But instead a constant beautiful burn. Their burn is slow and steady. Their burn is lasting. Their burn catches many, many new branches ablaze over time.

Little by little. Step by step. They fill their hands and heart to empty them over and over gain. Their feet keep stepping. Their hands keep reaching. Their heart is determined to keep the fire ablaze.

Those are the burning bushes that remain burning.

May we be bushes that remain ablaze, bushes that are not consumed.

Exodus 3:3
And Moses said, “I will turn aside to see this great sight, why the bush is not burned.”


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