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Opening up Lines of Communication

Up early trying to text with my hubby but the signal is so bad that our texts are not going through. Perhaps it is just his location. Perhaps there is something else interfering. I am not sure. All I know is I keep staring at the bottom of the text bubble waiting for that little word “delivered.” I want to be able to communicate with my husband! I want my words to be delivered! And I want his words delivered to me!

Interesting though- as I consider the great Biblical analogy of the body of Christ as the bride of Christ.

You know, you cannot communicate with your spouse, your loved ones, or with God in the fullness he intended, if the line of communication is hindered.

If there is interference in our marriage and relationships, we need to see that. We need to cut out the interference. (Which may mean cutting out or stepping away from Facebook, or youtube, or Instagram, or Pinterest in order to get a good, strong signal with the one we love. It may mean cutting out the shows we watch, the books we read, anything that is simply interference.

If we truly want that relationship, that open line, that precious exchange of words with the ones we love, we have got to knock out the interference and get delivered.

Whatever it takes.

Put down the phone and open your Bible.

Put down the phone and really look and talk to your spouse, your kid, your friend.

Turn off the tv show that is truly nothing but drama.

Put down the book that is not building you up or drawing you closer to Christ.

Open up some time in your day by turning off the distractions.

Speaking to myself here but thinking that maybe, just maybe, I am not the only one needing to have communication lines opened up today.

Knock out the interference, reposition yourself, and you open the lines. You become delivered.


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Save Some for Later


Our four year-old is panting and jerking, left to right, left to right, left to right, over and over and over again in her car seat.

I ask her, “What is wrong? Do you need to pee?”

She answers, “Yes.” (Big breath… Left…Big breath…Right…)

Her daddy, who is driving, hears her and tells her, “Can you hold it?”

“Yes.” (Big breath… Left…Big breath…Right…)

Daddy tells her, “You need to hold still.”

She stops the rocking and let’s out a big breath, “Ahhhh.”

I fear she just peed her pants but she then says with her tiny little voice,

“Yes, be still… Steady…”

(Did she just say steady? I bust out laughing, I am tearing up.)

She sits still as if there were no pressing urges for the rest of the drive.

We make it in the driveway. Daddy parks the car. She unbuckles. Stands up, but is stuck behind daddy’s guitar and her little brother’s carseat.

She doesn’t wiggle or jerk or say a word and then,

“I need new underwear mom.”

“What? You peed your pants?”


I tell her to head to the bathroom.

Meeting her in there, I notice that her pants and underwear are obviously peed but not nearly as much as I had expected them to be.

I ask her, “Do you need to pee some more? Sit on the potty and try.”

She then sits on the potty and let’s out a LOT of pee. She looks at me with a big smile, and big shiny eyes and tells me, “It’s always good to save some for later!”

And in this I consider all the things welling up inside of me.

Thoughts and memories, so many words I desire to pour out on a page.

But perhaps, I shall just wait, sit still, be steady, pour out a few, and save some for later ;).


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Teaching Tip: Long Division for Young Children


Division can be a hard concept for young children to grasp. I like to tell our kids to think of the long division sign as a kitchen table. Under the table are balls, and sitting around the table are children that each want to share equally all the balls under the table.

If “under the table” there are 8 balls.
(If the dividend is 8)

And sitting “around the table” are 2 children.
(If the divisor is 2)

Then each child will get 4 balls.
(The quotient will be 4)

Act out the process at your kitchen table. You can use balls or crayons, or whatever you have on hand to act out the process.

Just remember to teach them the proper names of the long division sign, the dividend, the divisor, and the quotient, as it is likely that they will want to call them simply “the table”, “the balls”, and “the kids” from this lesson on.



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Children of God or a Bunch of Cowards?

I was up early this morning, cleaning up the garage. I came across a nasty looking spider web which at first made me a bit concerned. Took a broom, swept it out, squashed the tiny spider, which may have been poisonous, but really, I am how much bigger than this thing?

Which got me thinking about how I tend to cower at the small stuff, especially roaches… But you know, to God, every “big” fear we have is tiny. It is but a roach needing to be squashed.

And so now I am thinking, I am tired of cowering at the small stuff. I am tired of watching my children cower at the small stuff. In fact, I want to get to the place where I squash a roach with my bare hands. I have yet to muster up the intestinal fortitude to grab a running roach… And how sad is that?! That something so tiny causes me to act completely irrational! It’s ridiculous really.

But that is what all fears do.

Something is stirring in me, a boldness, a disgust for allowing the tiny things to shake me and make me cower. How ridiculous that anything, cause a child of God to cower…

“They told me you are the children of God. You are a bunch of cowards.”
– Goliath, Veggie Tales’ Dave and the Giant Pickle

(Yes, I just quoted Veggie Tales…)


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We all Have Messy Rooms

Woke up this morning and realized just how messy my and my hubby’s bedroom had become. Life gets busy and it happens, but here is the thing: As I really took a look at our room, I could not help but consider how many times I had gotten on our boys this past week to clean their room. And yet mine was clearly not clean. Hmmm.

How easy it is to see the mess in someone else’s “room” and yet overlook my own.

Praying today- Lord open my eyes to MY messes. Help me view others through a lens of grace, remembering we all have our messy rooms. We all have some cleaning to do and I need to start with ME.

Luke 6:41-43
How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.


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When the Weight Seems too Heavy

“Mama?” Our five year-old begins. “Are you stronger than daddy?”

I answer, “No. Daddy is stronger.”

He continues, “But can you lift daddy and all of us?”

I answer, “No. That would be too heavy for me.”

He then says something that challenges my response, “But what if you were in a pool with water? Could you lift all of us up in water?”

I consider his question and answer, “Yes, I probably could.”

And the thoughts begin…

Sometimes the weight of being a wife and momma can feel so heavy. So many needs placed upon your shoulders. It can seem impossible to meet them all and striving to “meet the needs” quickly becomes exausting.

What if I stop striving to “meet the needs”? What if I stop focusing on the weight. What if I, instead, start focusing on enjoying those who are “in the pool” with me and remember that God is “in the pool” with us? He is with us, lightening our load, bringing comfort and joy.

He is the “living water.” Nothing is impossible with Him. I am weak but he is strong and he is with me. That is what matters most.


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“You Killed it!”

Our four year-old daughter stands, over looking the once beautiful, potted “Christmas tree” her daddy brought home to her. Glossy eyed, with a frown that would break a grown man’s heart, her words begin to pour out, “You killed it! You killed my tree! I told you to plant it! Now it is dead!”

Indeed, she had told me we should plant it, but I hadn’t. I did not really know how to keep it, how to make it last, how to make it grow. So I just kept it, in its original pot, and slowly, over the course of time, it died.

Perhaps it was the “Rollie-Pollie” bugs we found in its roots when we removed it from the pot. Perhaps it was the heat, the light, the lack or abundance of water. I have no real clue as I am only learning to garden. Bottom line, I killed it. And she, at the tender age of four years-old, had a choice to make:

The choice of forgiveness.

What has someone killed in your life? Have you considered that maybe they just did not know better? Have you chosen forgiveness?

Choose it, because I can tell you one thing I have begun to understand so clearly from gardening: Bitterness will sap your energy and prevent new growth.

Will you break off the bitterness? Will you choose forgiveness? Will you allow new life to grow? That is what matters most.


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