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There is Hope




So this? This is a plant in our yard- one that I haven’t really tended to in the two years we have lived in our home as it is kind of in a tucked away place along our side yard- somewhat out of view.

As I took on the task of tending the plant a few things became very obvious. First, the plant is beautiful. Perhaps even the most beautiful plant in our yard except for one major thing. It is wounded, horribly wounded.

As I took a close look it became obvious that a very large and long vine with sharp thorns had grown to cover the beautiful plant. As storms came and winds blew the beautiful leaves would be torn by the covering vine.

All I could do to try and restore the plant was to first remove the vine and then remove the damaged leaves. And there were many damaged leaves. So many that from a distance the entire plant looked damaged. But deep down new leaves were growing that can now grow fully in the place of what was so badly hurt.

What thorns are covering you? What torn areas in your heart need to be removed for new life and love to grow? Is there bitterness? Is there worry? Is there an ongoing offender in your life that continues to leave you damaged? Are you slowly becoming plagued by thoughts and attitudes that are hiding your true beauty?

There is hope. Because God sees you. You aren’t off and out of sight. You are in plain view and his hands are reaching.

I pray today for anyone who may need it: that the thorns be lifted and the damage miracously removed from your heart. I pray your heart finds comfort knowing that God can see past the damage. He sees the beautiful you hiding and trying to grow. You have been hurt. But there is healing, and no need to hold on to the hurt. May you shed all that is dead and begin to grow with new, beautiful life.


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Heave and Be Healed


Sitting here with our son who just fell asleep after a few rounds of vomiting. Our little ones are resting… There is a moment of calm in the storm.

There is something about holding your son as he begs, “Make it stop. I can’t take this. Make it stop…”

“I can’t make it stop baby. All I can do is hold you while you hurt.”

Catching puke in buckets.

Picking up a crying baby whose backside and thighs are oozing with diarrhea… Too much for a diaper to hold.

Washing them.

Giving them fluids.

Covering them with covers.

Cleaning toilets with bleach.

Knowing full well… You are too close to this. Too close.

But those who love get close.

And isn’t that what Easter is all about?

A God who got close, reached out, touched, held, healed by essentially catching what we are so heavily infested with – sin.

And I was watching this little boy heave into a bucket, knowing full well that some things simply have to be heaved.

That healing can’t come until we heave out what is causing the pain.

“It needs to come out baby. Don’t try to hold it in… Let it go.”

What are you holding onto today? What is causing your pain?

Perhaps it is heaving time.

Perhaps it is healing time.

And I am convinced today that Jesus cries for our pain.

I am convinced that this “job” of His was not his job but his joy.

Convinced that our faces are more precious to him than the most beautiful, heavenly places.

He is with us.

Holding us.

Saying, “Don’t hold it in…”

Go ahead. Heave child of God. Heave into the hands of Jesus and be healed.


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He was




by mankind.

A man

of suffering



with pain.

Like one from whom people,




he was


and we

held him

in low




took up







yet we considered him,


by God,


by him,



But he was


for our


he was







that brought



was on,


and by,

his wounds,




– Isaiah 53:3-5

My husband sent me that passage from Isaiah this morning. I read it over and over again. Slowly.


Tears because it dawned on me just how much I take for granted his pain.

It is hard to appreciate pain when you are not in it.

We are often so detached from it as we live our lives free of pain, but when sickness comes in, and pain takes over your body, you start to feel what he felt and…

It hurts.

It hurt my body and it hurt my heart as I considered how much more pain he took on for me and for us.

His love is amazing and to think he chose the pain.

And we can “know it”.

We can know that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, took all our sins, walked them out bleeding, while being mocked and despised, in order to nail our sins and our pains, to a place where they are forever buried so we can be healed and made new by faith in him

We can “know it” and hear about his pain over and over, but when we really start to feel it


I don’t know what pains you may be suffering right now.

I won’t say “I can imagine” your pain.

I can’t.

“The heart knows its own distress; another person can’t share its joy.” – Proverbs 14:10

I can only catch glimpses.

I caught glimpses of the pains of others these past two days.

I caught glimpses of the pain felt in a marriage that right now keeps going from hot to cold.

I caught glimpses of the pain of parents who right now are separated from their children.

I caught glimpses of the pains of people battling severe illness.

Only glimpses.

And in the middle of those glimpses all I could do was weep.


But those were just glimpses.

I don’t know your personal pain,
but I will tell you this

There is One who knows.

He knows.

He not only sees, but He has felt those tears.

I pray you take comfort in that today should you be in pain in your body, or in your heart.

He is walking it out with you.

And together you will overcome.

In time, He will wipe away all your tears.

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The Beautiful Gate of Brokenness


This morning at church our Pastor read the account of a man, lame from birth, who daily was placed at the gate of the local temple, to beg for money and food from the people who passed by. The account is found in the book of Acts (chapter 3). And though many things stood out to me in this amazing story of a man who was miraculously healed by the spoken word of two men who had faith in Jesus, one thing continues to stand out in my mind. The name of the gate where the man was placed was called “Beautiful.”


Sometimes I think we forget just how beautiful we are to God in our lameness and in our brokenness. When we just don’t have what it takes to make it, when life seems to have dealt us an unfair deck, when day after day we find ourselves in the same seemingly wretched place, to God, we are still beautiful.

And all we need to do is raise our eyes up, ask, and expect to receive something, anything, to get us through the day.

And God, in his miraculous and beautiful grace, has a way of coming to us, speaking to us, and meeting our every need, when we ask, expecting to receive.

He can cause us to rise up from a place of lameness, and brokenness, and spring up, to walk with him passed that place where we have been for so long.

And so brokenness is merely a beautiful gate, where Jesus meets us, heals us and walks us through.

(I encourage you to read Acts Chapter 3 in a Bible today if you are in a place of brokenness. As you do, may you feel the mighty hand of Jesus Christ lift you up. May you rise up, may you leap up, and walk.)


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