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“How Else Can I Help?”

Our nine year-old emptied the dishwasher late tonight, loaded the few dirty dishes that were in the sink, and wiped down the counters. His brothers and sisters were asleep or nearly in their rooms. But not him. He was wide awake.

He looked over into our laundry room.

I see you have a lot of laundry to fold there,” he said.

And I don’t want you to have to do this too…

And besides, (big brother) doesn’t really like to unload the dishes in the morning. So I will unload them…

But will you still tell him he has to do it in the morning, mom?”

He smiled after asking that question.

Perhaps he smiled at the thought of his brother discovering the job done.

But more than likely, smiling at the plan to make his brother huff at nothing at all.

He asked again, “You will ask him to do it, right, mom?”

Yes,” I answered and smiled, convinced of his clever little plan.

He smiled big.

He then had asked how else he could help me.

I was amazed by his energy.

It was nearly ten o’clock at night. I was becoming exhausted. My husband was also working late. So my options were to either send him to bed or accept the help in the form it was in. I accepted his help.

He then proceeded to help me load up another load of laundry, match socks and fold the last of the basket that was shoulder high before he started cleaning the kitchen. We got done folding what needed folded.

Do you want me to push this to your room?

I stood in awe.

Where do you get all your energy?” I asked him.

He looked up, smiled and shrugged his shoulders and answered,


He then pushed the full basket of clothes across the kitchen floor, passed the dining table and into my and my husband’s bedroom.

His answer touched my heart more than he could ever know.

Because it has been a busy year for our family and it isn’t over. And the nights and days get so long. And sometimes, I just get so tired, if not physically purely emotionally, and yet in my spirit I know that God is with us, that his strength is sufficient, that God is not weary…

And as I watched that boy bent over, pushing across our house a loaded laundry basket of clothes he helped to fold, my heart caught a glimpse of God in our house.

Jesus, you aren’t weary, are you?

And you are truly here, aren’t you?

His answer?

I saw it on the smile of a nine year-old boy walking back into our kitchen, and heard it in his young, vibrant, voice,

“How else can I help?”


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Two Little Honey Suckles

This sweet face came rushing into the house last night with these two little honey suckle flowers in hand. “Mama! I have a surprise for you!”

Precious, truly.

I told her to put them in a vase.

The vase she picked was so big compared to the little flowers. And from a distance, the vase looked quite empty- hardly full.


But late last night I picked up that vase and was truly surprised at how the entire, seemingly empty, space of that glass vase was filled with a beautiful fragrance. The vase was FULL.


Her face came back to mind.
Her voice.
The smell of those flowers in her hands.
Incredibly, somehow, SHE was filling the vase.

But I would not have really seen her or sensed her had I not leaned in close. Had I shook my head, poured out the seemingly empty vase and found a better “fit” for the tiny flowers. I would have never received the “surprise” that I truly believe that God wanted me to experience.

The surprise: That nothing in this life is truly “empty.” No space is “too big” for Jesus to fill. Lean in. Look close. Inhale deeply. He is there, in that seemingly empty space. And many times He is seen in an all too familiar face.


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String Your Joy Around This

The problem with stringing our joy around the accomplishment of a goal, or the attaining of some thing, is this: When we do that, we lose focus on the greatest joy of all- the presence of God with us TODAY, working WITH us and FOR us TODAY.

He is with you, right NOW, in THIS moment.

String your joy around that.

When you do, suddenly the accomplishments of other goals, and the attaining of things, seem more like cherries (or in my case- chocolates) on the cake. Not necessary at all… But certainly sweet nonetheless.


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I Am

I love how God wanted his people to know him as “I Am.”

“I Am.”

Not “I Will.”

Not “I Was.”

But “I Am.”

That is what The Lord wanted his people to know, and what he still wants us to know.

When you wonder, “God, do you hear me?”

… “I Am.”

When you pray, “God please provide…”

…. “I Am.”

When you question, “God will you heal?”

… “I Am.”

When you can’t feel him or see him and you doubt that he is even there.

… “I Am.”

He hears us.

He is providing.

He is healing.

He is hearing.

He is saving.

He is with us.

Never fear.
“I Am” is here.

“And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am…”
Exodus 3:14


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He Wants to See You More


The other day I was driving home with our kids. My heart felt dry and I can remember saying (though not out loud) to The Lord, “I just want to see you.”

I cannot tell you how many times I said it but it was the cry of my heart in that moment.

The next morning I woke up and went into our daughters’ room to help get our girls ready for the day.

In the process of tidying up I decided to take the time to sort through two large bins of books that had been sitting in the girls room, one by one, placing the books up on their bookshelf.

At the very bottom of the stack, I found this. It is a single page, from one of our children’s books that had been ripped apart months ago, thrown into the bottom of this bin.

And out of everything that this page could say, it said this,

“As much as you want to see him, he wants to see you more.”

Coincidence? Perhaps.

But perhaps not.

Perhaps in this,
this uncovering of a torn, hidden page, is a divine acknowledgement,

that there indeed is a God, who sees, and hears, and answers the hidden, torn, cries of our heart.

And so today, I want you to know, if your heart is dry, torn, deeply longing to see God. I want to pass this little note your way.

“As much as you want to see him, he wants to see you more.”


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Let it Go

Up doing laundry. I do a lot of laundry. With that being said, there is something about a stain that will not come out that really gets on my nerves. I put up quite the fight before giving up. I have found the stains that are the hardest to get out are the ones that are on colored clothing. Whites you can resort to bleach, but not colors. You don’t want the colors to change and bleach will do that. So I hold on to some favorite piece of clothing, washing and re-washing in vain, because that stain is set, and any attempt I could make to really change it would be drastic and possibly ruin the entire thing. But of course, it already is ruined, isn’t it? The stain has taken away from what it was.

And in all of these battles with stains I am reminded of sin. God’s grace can wipe clean every sin, if we let Him. But too often, we don’t want our colors to change. We don’t want to risk messing up what we think is good.

But you know what I have found? It is only when we let go of the old, that we can truly experience the new.

What old, favorite part of yourself have you been holding on to for way too long? What area of your life are you afraid to hand to God, because if you do, it might change everything? Let it go. Experience something new.



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A Late Night Thought

If we could only wrap our mind around the promises of God, and truly have faith, we would have no excuse to fear or quit anything. Nothing could stop us, except for complete and total confidence that God Himself is saying, “Stop.”


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