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Two Little Honey Suckles

This sweet face came rushing into the house last night with these two little honey suckle flowers in hand. “Mama! I have a surprise for you!”

Precious, truly.

I told her to put them in a vase.

The vase she picked was so big compared to the little flowers. And from a distance, the vase looked quite empty- hardly full.


But late last night I picked up that vase and was truly surprised at how the entire, seemingly empty, space of that glass vase was filled with a beautiful fragrance. The vase was FULL.


Her face came back to mind.
Her voice.
The smell of those flowers in her hands.
Incredibly, somehow, SHE was filling the vase.

But I would not have really seen her or sensed her had I not leaned in close. Had I shook my head, poured out the seemingly empty vase and found a better “fit” for the tiny flowers. I would have never received the “surprise” that I truly believe that God wanted me to experience.

The surprise: That nothing in this life is truly “empty.” No space is “too big” for Jesus to fill. Lean in. Look close. Inhale deeply. He is there, in that seemingly empty space. And many times He is seen in an all too familiar face.


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