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Fetching Dreams

Have you ever played fetch with a dog? I was playing fetch with our neighbor’s chocolate lab today (pictured below). She would run like the wind, desperate to get her teeth on that ball. She would run it back to me and then, here is what got me the most, she refused to let it go. “Drop it, Laylah. Drop the ball.” She seemed to bite it all the harder.

And I began to wonder, why does she bring back the ball anyway? Perhaps because she desires to run further and run faster. Perhaps because there is great joy in simply chasing the ball. But then, if there is so much joy in pursuing that ball, why doesn’t she let it go back into my hands? Does she not trust that she will get it back?

And as I stood there, trying to pull this ball from the incredibly strong grip of this sweet dog, I was reminded of something else… Our dreams. We chase them. And they are indeed fun to chase. We attain them, but then we come back to God wanting something more. We want a chance to run faster. We want a chance to go further… And yet many times we simply aren’t willing to drop our dreams back into the Lord’s hands. We want to hold on to what we have in our grasp. We aren’t really sure that if we give it all we will get it all back.

What dreams do you have? What dreams are you chasing? Is it possible that God has even bigger dreams for you? Is it possible that he has plans for you to go even further? Is it possible that all you really need to do is let go?



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Little by Little, Let it Grow

Do you have a dream?
Perhaps just a hope for something?

The Bible has something to say about that:

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”
– Proverbs 13:12 NLT

It’s the waiting, the doubting, and the putting it off, that slowly kills the hope.

If you know your dream is a God-placed dream, start it- even if it is little by little.

It may feel like a “great big” dream and you may know that is going to take a long time to be fulfilled, but consider this:

The largest tree you can think of also grew little by little.

So don’t let the naysayers chop down your dream.

Let it grow.


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A Late Night Thought

If we could only wrap our mind around the promises of God, and truly have faith, we would have no excuse to fear or quit anything. Nothing could stop us, except for complete and total confidence that God Himself is saying, “Stop.”


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Kitchen Sink Singing


I used to love writing songs. In fact, it was once my dream to be a professional writer of song lyrics. That was years ago. Today I am content to sing to the Lord in my kitchen whatever song He places in my heart. This was today’s:

I want to get to the place where the sound of thunder,
Is like a lullaby.

I want to get to the place where the sound of a baby crying,
Is like a love song in the night.

Where squeaking doors,
And creaking floors,
Feel like You’re walking close to me.

Well I’m not there.
No, I’m not there,
But I believe.

I’m gonna to get to the place where the sound of thunder,
Is like a lullaby.

I’m gonna get to the place where the sound of a baby crying,
Is like a love song in the night.

Where the laughter always comes,
Before the tears.

Where perfect love,
Your perfect love,
Casts out every kind of fear.

Oh, I’m gonna get there.

I must have sang this half a dozen times if not more, each time feeling more strength and peace flood my heart.

Sing the song in your heart. Write it down. It maybe that the Lord is the only one who hears it, but that is what matters most.


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