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While He May be Found?

So it was nearing bedtime. I gathered the children together hoping to sit them all down and read scriptures to them. In my heart I envisioned them all huddled up together, listening intently to every precious word. But it didn’t go down like that. Not at all.

Our oldest stayed focused, but the others starting quickly drifting, minds far off from me and the words I was reading. They weren’t interested. They were getting rowdy, having a blast with each other, with no regard to me or what was being read.

Put simply, they weren’t interested. No movie? No cool music? No funny YOUTube video? No silly dance or dramatic reading? Did I really think my calm voice alone could hold their attention? I had hoped. But it didn’t.

These little ones that can sit glued to a tv for an hour couldn’t hold their focus for 26 scriptures… 26 single sentences. I ended up calling it quits on the whole thing. Turned the lights off and sent them to bed. And they were upset and begging, “We want to hear! We want to hear!” But the time to hear had passed. It was lights out, and hopefully we could try again tomorrow… Hopefully.

And my mind is now drifting back to that 19th verse we read: “S: Seek ye The Lord while he may be found.”

It has always been a verse that kind of shakes me up… After all what does that mean, “while he may be found”? Isn’t God always with us? Can’t we always seek him? Well, yes… And no.

Because here is thing, if you truly believe the Bible is true, there is this one concept that you can’t quite shake (no matter how much you want to) and it is this: One day you will die and you will either be eternally with God or eternally separated from him. That’s it. It’s all said and done. The time to seek God passed. And that time to seek God is now.

And yeah, there are so many more “exciting” things to do isn’t there? Cool movies and funny YOUTube videos to watch. Your favorite football team to cheer on. Friends and family to fill that space with no problem at all. It’s all great really… Until it’s light out and then I fear, for many it will be “I want to hear! I want to hear!”

“Seek ye The Lord while he may be found.”

Yes, seek him now.

Because His gentle voice will not be around forever, for those who choose to not seek it now.


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When All Hell Breaks Loose

So today another plane came down… I believe they said there were 295 passengers… 295 living, breathing, heart-beating and feeling people who had plans and purposes and loved ones on the ground… And they are gone, just like that. And it hit the news hard, hit the ground harder… And for this pilot’s wife… It hits just too close to home.

And fear starts to creep in. Where did it happen? Does he fly over there? And let’s go ahead and include the obvious fact that he is so often one of those living, breathing, heart-beating people that is flying over our heads in an airplane. It is his job after all…

And somewhere a wife’s husband just fell from the sky and the sobering thought once again impedes that it could have been mine and what exactly do I do with that?

I will tell you what I have made up my mind to do: Trust God and live this life He gives us to its fullest. Thank Him for every day, truly every moment because you just don’t know when it all is going to come to an end.

And I stop and pray, allow my heart to feel and cry for a loss that could have been mine, but I don’t allow it to stop me from living. I don’t allow it to steal my peace or promote my heart to any further fear, because fear has no place in the presence of perfect love.

And I know that there is a God who perfectly loves me, my family, and my husband. I know that his plans and purposes transcend what I can grasp. And I choose to trust in his promise that he will work all things for good- All things- for those who love him and trust him.

And I pray that each of you would know that too- that God loves you perfectly. That you can trust him. When all hell seems to be breaking loose in this world, you can still be filled with heaven’s peace. You can still smile. You can still enjoy and praise him for all that is wonderful and good here because there is SO SO much that is wonderful and good. Too much to report.

Say a prayer for comfort and strength for those who are hurting tonight and at the same time please stop and thank God for all in your life and all in this world that is good. Thank him for his plans for your life- for the things he has done and the things he will do. Allow that praise to usher in peace and sleep well in that perfect peace.

That is my plan for tonight. I pray you join me.

You will keep whoever’s mind is steadfast in perfect peace, because he trusts in you. – Isaiah 26:3


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There is Hope




So this? This is a plant in our yard- one that I haven’t really tended to in the two years we have lived in our home as it is kind of in a tucked away place along our side yard- somewhat out of view.

As I took on the task of tending the plant a few things became very obvious. First, the plant is beautiful. Perhaps even the most beautiful plant in our yard except for one major thing. It is wounded, horribly wounded.

As I took a close look it became obvious that a very large and long vine with sharp thorns had grown to cover the beautiful plant. As storms came and winds blew the beautiful leaves would be torn by the covering vine.

All I could do to try and restore the plant was to first remove the vine and then remove the damaged leaves. And there were many damaged leaves. So many that from a distance the entire plant looked damaged. But deep down new leaves were growing that can now grow fully in the place of what was so badly hurt.

What thorns are covering you? What torn areas in your heart need to be removed for new life and love to grow? Is there bitterness? Is there worry? Is there an ongoing offender in your life that continues to leave you damaged? Are you slowly becoming plagued by thoughts and attitudes that are hiding your true beauty?

There is hope. Because God sees you. You aren’t off and out of sight. You are in plain view and his hands are reaching.

I pray today for anyone who may need it: that the thorns be lifted and the damage miracously removed from your heart. I pray your heart finds comfort knowing that God can see past the damage. He sees the beautiful you hiding and trying to grow. You have been hurt. But there is healing, and no need to hold on to the hurt. May you shed all that is dead and begin to grow with new, beautiful life.


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Two Little Honey Suckles

This sweet face came rushing into the house last night with these two little honey suckle flowers in hand. “Mama! I have a surprise for you!”

Precious, truly.

I told her to put them in a vase.

The vase she picked was so big compared to the little flowers. And from a distance, the vase looked quite empty- hardly full.


But late last night I picked up that vase and was truly surprised at how the entire, seemingly empty, space of that glass vase was filled with a beautiful fragrance. The vase was FULL.


Her face came back to mind.
Her voice.
The smell of those flowers in her hands.
Incredibly, somehow, SHE was filling the vase.

But I would not have really seen her or sensed her had I not leaned in close. Had I shook my head, poured out the seemingly empty vase and found a better “fit” for the tiny flowers. I would have never received the “surprise” that I truly believe that God wanted me to experience.

The surprise: That nothing in this life is truly “empty.” No space is “too big” for Jesus to fill. Lean in. Look close. Inhale deeply. He is there, in that seemingly empty space. And many times He is seen in an all too familiar face.


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To What Would a Bird Say?

So I watched this bird this morning in the morning sun.

It stood there, so still, raising its head and chest, spreading and lifting its wings almost appearing as an act of worship truly.

And incredibly, tonight as I was preparing dinner, I saw it again, this time across the lake, raising its head and wings, still as ever, to the setting sun.

And I keep thinking about this bird.

About how from afar, based on what I could see, I would say that this bird finds its strength, its warmth, its rest in the sun.

After all, it is to the sun that it raises his head and wings both at the start and end of the day.

And perhaps an odd thought – but a thought nonetheless, I wonder tonight, to what would a bird say I worship based on what it sees?

To what do I raise my head and hands to at the start and end of a day?

To what do you?

A bit of a challenging thought, but one worth considering I think, especially in our high tech society.

What has our focus?

Where are we often found gazing and still?

What has our attention at the start and the end of the day?

Is it too much to say, that maybe, it also has our worship?

I can’t really say.

But a bird, not so little, has challenged me to ponder it tonight.


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Glory is NOW

“From glory to glory…”

Those words are pressing on my heart this morning. They are found in this verse from 2 Corinthians:

18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

“Glory to glory…”

Some have added the words “ever increasing glory”… Describing our walk with Christ much like a man ascending a mountain top… Consistently moving up into greater glory… And I see that. There is truth in that.

But today- I want someone to consider this:

There is glory TODAY. Great GREAT glory, TODAY.

You aren’t at some low rung on the glory ladder…

No, glory is NOW.



Glory is here, NOW-

Because you are here NOW and God is with you in the HERE and the NOW.

God is rejoicing right NOW in the reflections of Christ that he sees in you.

“Glory to glory…”

May your eyes and heart be wide open today to the glory of the NOW.

NOW is glorious.

NOW is a gift.



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You are Pricless.

It has been one year since God placed into our hands even greater joy. One whole year that he opened our hearts to even greater love. One whole year since our youngest son came into the world, at a time that the medical world calls early but God called perfect. One whole year since he took his first breath- since we stood over his tiny little body, watching and prayed for his lungs to get strong- thanking God for the gift of oxygen. All the sleepness nights and the many hours of rocking and hushing, nursing and changing, and staring at a tiny helpless miracle have passed.

Now there is laughter. Now there is unfettered curiosity that can turn a home upside down. Now there is eyebrow raises, mischievous looks followed by a smile. Now there are little chubby legs that bounce and kick to the sound of music. Now there are tiny chubby feet learning to walk. Now there are hands clapping. Now there is a one year old boy, who delights in life with so much momentum that one cannot help but be inspired to do the same. All the hard work of caring for an infant begins to pay and pay big. And new challenges arise. Like how to keep him from climbing the stairs, and the chairs, and away from the toilets and the ever fascinating plunger.

Oh, I just love this boy. I could never express how much. He is such a gift, as are all our children. Each loved equally and yet each loved uniquely. For each I could write a billion words but they would never be enough to capture the extent of their greatness and their worth.

Each child an incredible reminder of how much God loves us. Today on our one year old’s birthday, whoever may read this- I want you to know that you are priceless. God loves you so, so much. You are loved equally. You are loved uniquely. His thoughts of you out number the grains of sand. Each of your hairs is numbered. You are celebrated. You are rejoiced over. I smile as I consider all the great things God has in store for each of you. You have grown so much over this year. There are areas where you were helpless but now you are beginning to walk. Soon you will run. I am so excited for the future of our son. And I am so excited for the future of each of you.

Happy Birthday to our son. He carries his father’s name. He carries his father’s heart.

And you, you reading this. If you are a “Christian” …

So do you.



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Great is His Faithfulness


Looking at our baby boy this morning,
Still standing at our front door,



For a glimpse of his daddy who left many minutes before.

I look at him and I am reminded of God’s faithfulness to us.

When we walk away,

He is still watching.

When we are far off on our own agendas,

He is still standing,
Waiting for us to come home.

When we are faithless,

He is still faithful.

Great is his faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.


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Make Time

Thanks to my momma, I have been able to be home alone today, cleaning and listening to music (without crying and messes exploding and the sound of “Mommmm!!!!!”) Yesterday and last night I got to spend alone time with my hubby. I just wanted to share two thoughts as I reflect on this:

#1 If you are a grandparent you can be such a blessing to your child’s marriage. Providing that time for your child to be alone with his or her spouse- loving on those kids that you did not birth and truly you may feel at times too old to care for- those are such great, big, huge gifts. You have the ability to strengthen your child’s marriage. You have the ability to strengthen your family. You have the ability to make such a big difference in what may feel like such a small, ordinary task. I am so thankful for my mom for giving us this gift. You are a blessing momma. May God richly bless you for all you do for us.

#2- Time alone with your spouse is like breath for your marriage- if you spend that time wisely. You don’t have to go out. You don’t have to spend money. You don’t have to make any big plans other than the simple plan to reconnect and draw closer to each other. If you haven’t had time alone with your spouse- time where you have purposed to draw closer to their heart- right now is a great time to make time. Do it. Do it now. It matters most.


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Have You Made Room for Jesus?

No ones truly knows the thoughts or what became of the inn keeper who turned Mary and Joseph and Jesus away. All we really know is that an inn keeper told Mary and Joseph that he did not have room to let them in.

As I consider that inn keeper I cannot help but consider how God places people and opportunities in our path. God places himself in our path. We have the choice to make room or not.

Tonight, in the aftermath of a day filled with accommodations, gifts, joy, family, friends, cooking, cleaning, and borderline exhaustion, if you haven’t already… I pray you join me in making some room for Jesus. Let us open our hearts to Him, thank him for the fullness of today and ask him to open our eyes to where we need to make the room for Him to be clearly seen.


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