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Created to Care

This? This is a broken piece of concrete that I found back behind over grown bushes and ground cover today. I’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s start with this:

Woke up to the sound of my mama singing, “It’s Saturday! It’s Saturday! I get to play! I get to play!” (She usually works on Saturdays). Her song just put a smile on my face.

So mama spent the day playing and fishing and watching our little ones while I got to some serious yard work.

I really, really enjoy working in the yard and garden. God is felt and heard so strongly when you work a garden. And it only makes sense that he is.

In the Bible it all started with a man and a woman in a garden. They were told to multiply, to tend the ground, to have dominion over the animals… And we know that wasn’t intended to be an oppressive dominion but a loving care for the animals. Man was even given the responsibility to name the animals. Man and woman walked and talked with God in the garden.

I thought about these things as I clipped away vines and cleared out areas overtaken by nature. Little by little I was uncovering and shaking the dead leaves out of bushes that had been overtaken by those vines. Slowly I was getting to see the plant for the beautiful thing it was. And it dawned on me.

We were created to care. We were created to multiply. We were created to grow our families, to take in and care for others often weaker than us. We were created to care for nature and animals. Created to pull weeds and comb out fleas. Name animals. Why?

Because there is something about caring for something else that ties our heart to our caring Creator. (Ever name an animal?… It makes you care. I hesitate to name fish anymore…)

Anyhow, the point is this: God cares. He pulls away those sins that try to overtake you. He reveals you for the beautiful creation he sees. When we care, we reflect our Creator who cares. And who is that Creator? What is his name? Where is he found?

As I turned over that piece of concrete, my heart was so incredibly reassured. That this God of mine, he is found in the brokenness. He was found on a cross, a cross that I deserved. His word was and is and will always be solid as a rock. And his name? His name is Jesus.

I am so thankful for today. For my mama playing and caring for our kids. For my husband who continues to faithfully work and provide and serve. (He was gone today working. I miss him when he has to work but for his work and his faithfulness in caring for me and our kids, I am thankful.) And above all I am thankful today for Jesus and the way he gently shows that he is still walking and talking with us.

All around you are things that need care.


You will find as you do, God opens your eyes to how much he cares for you.


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