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When You Come Apart


I placed these tulips out last night. When I did, not one petal had fallen. The sight of them so perfectly placed, made my heart feel a moment of calm, in a house that can often feel like a storm.

This morning, while I and the older children worked in the yard, our two year-old daughter made her way to the tulips, and began ripping the petals off. My older children alerted me to the scene.

As I looked at the flowers, our five year-old son, who could tell I was upset, said to me, “They are still beautiful… With all the petals apart like that.” They were, though I could not see it at first.

What I could see was that the petals, being ripped apart, exposed what was inside the flowers. Furthermore, the petals, being ripped apart, exposed what was inside of ME. How sad, that a two year-old making a tulip come apart, nearly caused me to come apart.

I felt awful and ugly, but then it was as if Jesus whispered my son’s words back to me, with a little twist, and I want to share those words with you, because perhaps, you need to hear them too.

“YOU are still beautiful, even when you come apart.”

I want to say that to you again. You are still beautiful, even when you come apart.

Take heart in that today. Know that, the way you see yourself when you come apart matters, but the way Jesus sees you when you come apart matters most.


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All They Need is You

It has been six days since our sweet baby boy was born. For those who may not know, our son was born at 36 weeks and 3 days. I cannot describe how blessed we feel to have been able to bring him home only three days after his birth. We are so thankful to the Lord for this and to all of you who were praying for him and continue to pray for him. Not once did he go into NICU, but for a relatively short time he was on oxygen.

Our son was put on oxygen for five hours in the nursery immediately after being born. By then, I was terribly missing my baby and was blessed to be feeling well enough to walk to go and visit him with my husband in the nursery.

My husband and I stood next to him, gently touching his hands and speaking with the nurses. (As I watched him, I gained a greater understanding of the many hymns we have sung in church describing God’s Spirit to the air we breathe.) After a short time visiting, one of the nurses informed us that they would bring him to me to try and nurse and so we left and waited in our room.

When the nurse brought him to me she said something so amazing I just had to share it. She said, “You know his heart rate had been in the 170s from delivery. But after ya’ll left it went right down to 130. It was like all he needed to settle down was to hear your voice.” She then handed him to me and said, “I think all he needs right now is you.”

If you are a parent, I want to encourage you today to never underestimate the impact that your presence has on your children. Visit them in their room. Reach out and touch them. Let them hear your voice and know you are there. Let them feel the presence of their Heavenly Father through YOU. Your presence in their life is what matters most and it very well may be all they need.


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