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Little by Little, Let it Grow

Do you have a dream?
Perhaps just a hope for something?

The Bible has something to say about that:

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”
– Proverbs 13:12 NLT

It’s the waiting, the doubting, and the putting it off, that slowly kills the hope.

If you know your dream is a God-placed dream, start it- even if it is little by little.

It may feel like a “great big” dream and you may know that is going to take a long time to be fulfilled, but consider this:

The largest tree you can think of also grew little by little.

So don’t let the naysayers chop down your dream.

Let it grow.


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Oh, Praise…

We are told to train our kids with it.
“When they do well, praise them.”
“When they try hard, praise them.”


And then there is that little “like” button,
Looming under every word we post,
The chance to receive praise.

It is nice to know someone likes what you said. It is nice to receive that little touch of praise.

But what happens when there is no apparent praise?

What happens when you know full well that all the work you are doing will not be seen nor praised by men? Do you still give it your all?

What happens when you truly don’t know if anyone will “like” the words on your heart? Do you post them anyway?

Is God seeing enough?
Is God praising enough?
Is God knowing you and “liking” you enough?

Is He really enough?

He is.

So work hard, even if no one is watching. Post those words He places on your heart, even if you are not sure if anyone will “like” them.

And listen closely.

You just may hear his praise.

Luke 19:17
“‘Well done!’ the king exclaimed. ‘You are a good servant. You have been faithful with the little I entrusted to you…


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Save Some for Later


Our four year-old is panting and jerking, left to right, left to right, left to right, over and over and over again in her car seat.

I ask her, “What is wrong? Do you need to pee?”

She answers, “Yes.” (Big breath… Left…Big breath…Right…)

Her daddy, who is driving, hears her and tells her, “Can you hold it?”

“Yes.” (Big breath… Left…Big breath…Right…)

Daddy tells her, “You need to hold still.”

She stops the rocking and let’s out a big breath, “Ahhhh.”

I fear she just peed her pants but she then says with her tiny little voice,

“Yes, be still… Steady…”

(Did she just say steady? I bust out laughing, I am tearing up.)

She sits still as if there were no pressing urges for the rest of the drive.

We make it in the driveway. Daddy parks the car. She unbuckles. Stands up, but is stuck behind daddy’s guitar and her little brother’s carseat.

She doesn’t wiggle or jerk or say a word and then,

“I need new underwear mom.”

“What? You peed your pants?”


I tell her to head to the bathroom.

Meeting her in there, I notice that her pants and underwear are obviously peed but not nearly as much as I had expected them to be.

I ask her, “Do you need to pee some more? Sit on the potty and try.”

She then sits on the potty and let’s out a LOT of pee. She looks at me with a big smile, and big shiny eyes and tells me, “It’s always good to save some for later!”

And in this I consider all the things welling up inside of me.

Thoughts and memories, so many words I desire to pour out on a page.

But perhaps, I shall just wait, sit still, be steady, pour out a few, and save some for later ;).


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Considering a New Transition

I am considering making a transition from this blogsite to a new self hosted blog name- one that is my name. As silly as it sounds, I am nervous and hesitant. Here I have shared my heart, but not much of my face, or my name. And you know what? I kind of like it that way.

I have never seen the need for my name to be known, or my face to be seen. I want HIS name to be known. HIS face to be seen. That is what matters most to me.

I am a just a vessel. Sometimes I am broken, at other times, I am restored and sparkling bright. I have no power, apart from Him, to lead, or encourage, or fix your broken heart. Only HE can do that. He resides in vessels, but his vessels cannot satisfy a thirsty heart. I cannot even satisfy my own heart. That is why I need Him.

Still, there is something about seeing a face and knowing a name, that brings us closer to the heart and life of one we desire to know. It is an intimate revealing, and one that we often take for granted.

I write those words, marveling at the wonder that the Creator of the Universe desires for us to know HIM and to see HIS face. What kind of love is that?

I am continuing to pray on my blogging transition. I am also praying for each of my readers as I do:

I pray that you would desire to follow Jesus and see HIS face. I pray you would come to know the power in HIS name.

And if today you are one of the thirsty- searching for a word- reading post after post from every encouraging blogger, preacher, and evangelist you know, just trying to taste a drop of hope, remember- We are all just vessels.

You may find a drop here or there, but in His Word you will find a spring of untainted, beautiful, hopeful, convicting and encouraging, relentless truth.

I pray that you seek His Word first. I pray that tomorrow you will awake with a greater awareness of just how much YOU matter most to HIM, because you do. You matter most to Jesus.

God bless you, reader. Know that you are deeply and relentlessly loved.

– Charity


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Why I Write

I have been thinking about my writing…

I cannot make others read or enjoy what I write, just as I cannot make my own children enjoy the food I put on our table. (Blame it on their taste buds. No way could it be my cooking.)

When my children refuse what I prepare, or when my husband does not make it home in time to join our meal, I do not feel like I have failed as a mom or a wife. In fact, quite the opposite, I feel I have been faithful in doing my part. I prepared and shared the best meal I could with those who I love. If they did not like it, or never showed up to eat it, it does not change the fact that I prepared it and shared it out of love.

I could easily serve only me and sneak off and consume my meals in secret. (Not that I am not known to do that as well… After all, when you have five little ones, one Reese’s peanut butter cup can only go so far.) Point is this: When I share, I share out of love.

And so it is with what I write. You may not have a taste for everything I write. You may not even be around when I am serving it. But know the reason it is out here “on the table” is because I love you enough to share what I know to be good. I hope you enjoy what I share and know I share it with you out of love.

And though I post a lot, believe me, I am not sharing everything with you. Especially not my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I don’t want to over-feed you after all…


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Being Real

When I started blogging I debated about “how real” I wanted to get and how much of my life I wanted to reveal. In the end, I decided that no matter what I wrote I was going to write with one purpose… to encourage.

I am not perfect. My kids are not perfect. My husband is not perfect. Our family and our life are far from it. But the one thing that I am determined to be is a woman who chooses to see hope and to speak encouragement to others.

Do I mess up? Absolutely. Do I say things I regret? Yes. Do I act out in ways that I shouldn’t? Every day. I mess up. I pray. I try again. I stumble. I fall short. But I don’t give up. I refuse to give in to self-pity and hopelessness. I refuse to be overwhelmed by circumstances. Yes, I may fall, but I refuse to stay down. I may not get it right today, but I am going to try it again tomorrow. Why? Because I have children who are watching every move I make.

I have children who hear me talk about the Lord and read them the Bible, and hear thank the Lord throughout the day. I have children who see me singing worship songs to the Lord and on occasion see me dance for Him. They see me write about the Lord and hear me talk about Him on the phone. All this sounds like your poster for the Christian mom, right? But here is the side to the “Christian mom” that often only my children see…

They see me get angry when things don’t go my way. They hear me yell. They see me overwhelmed and frustrated, discouraged and down. They see me cry and hear me pour out my heart. They see me stumble and they watch me fall. And you know what? I am convinced that they need to. I am convinced that our children need to see me stumble and watch me fall. It is when I fall that by watching me, they can learn how I get back up.

In fact, the greatest way to teach a child is by example. If I want our children to apologize when they act out, I must apologize when I act out. If we want them to make a conscious choice to change a bad attitude, I must make a conscious choice to change my own bad attitude- and letting them know I am doing so. If I want them to turn to the Lord during the hard times, then that is where they must see me turn when I am having a hard time.

They need to see the tears. They need to hear the prayers. They need to know what it looks like to “do” things right and know what it looks like to “make” things right.

I thank God, my Heavenly Father, for His Word and for sending Jesus to show me how to do and make things right. I thank God that He has placed His Spirit in my heart, empowering me and leading me to overcome my own failures. I thank God, that through the process of parenting, He has taught me more about His love for me and my purpose than I could have ever known, including the importance of leading by example.

I pray that as I continue this blog, my transparency in my own failures will comfort other moms and dads out there like me, who need encouragement and reassurance in their own failures. We are not perfect and we do not need to be ashamed to say so. We don’t have to be afraid of being real. Through moments of weakness, our strength is revealed and God can work all our imperfections according to His perfect plans if we allow Him to. Will you? That is what matters most.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11


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Friend, Like, Follow: But Do We Really?


I am still relatively new to the blogging world and the Facebook community. But in the two years I have been on both I have made some interesting observations.

On Facebook:
We can “friend” those who we really do not even know and then continue to not know them even though we call them “friend.”

– We can block “friends” from our newsfeed because what they post is not interesting, offends, or does not coincide with our own interests.

– We can delete objectionable responses that “friends” comment on our posts.

– We can pick and choose what we “like” from our “friends” and we can easily scroll past and ignore what we don’t.

– We can hear from a “friend” every day, but never respond to a single thing they say.

– We can also like pages when we catch wind of giveaways or opportunities to win prizes, but then unlike the page once the giveaway is over.

That is just a few of my observations.

Then there is the aspect of businesses and individuals trying to make their page known.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people post something, appearing to support a cause when truly their only cause is to get their own profile seen. I have seen:

– Pictures of caskets draped with American flags with the words “Click like if you support our wounded soldiers.”

– Pictures of Jesus fighting Satan with the words, “Click like for heaven, keep scrolling for hell.”

– Pictures of dogs with the words, “Click like if you love dogs.”

– Pictures of Michael Jackson music videos with the words “Click like in 3 seconds if you know this video.”

– A picture of a a dark hand holding a light hand with the words, “Click like if you believe love knows no color.”

– A picture of a fragile child who is battling cancer with the words “Click like if you know someone battling cancer.”

It goes on and on.

Sadly, more often than not these people don’t really care about the cause in their post, they only care about their own profile being seen. And genuinely caring people fall for it by liking and sharing these posts not realizing what the true cause is.

In the blogging world we see this too:

– In an effort to gain followers, bloggers are advised to visit, like, follow and comment on other blogs.

– If we have a strong desire to be seen, we can like every post on the WordPress dashboard, day after day. We can expose countless bloggers to our profile and appear to genuinely “like” what they read. We can leave comments filled with praise on another blogger’s post with the hope that others who may read the comments will notice us and visit our blogs.

– We can follow other blogs in an effort to get the attention of other bloggers, but never really read a single post from the blog we are following.

– We can nominate bloggers for blogging awards whose blogs we have never truly read, and even select blogs with a large following in an effort to be noticed by them and their followers.

Why am I saying all this? I dont say it to cast a shadow on Facebook or on the blogosphere. I say it to point out the practices that are ruining the true meaning of “like,” “friend,” and “follow” and make real praise questionable.

In all this I consider my friendships and in all this I consider Jesus.

Jesus calls us His friend. He tells us to follow him. He does not call us to like God. He calls us to love God. We may not like what he has to say, and he does not want us to lie and say we do like it when we don’t. We can say we don’t like his words, and yet accept them as truth and correction and respond in a loving matter, having faith that he has our best interest at heart. That is what true friends do. But are we true friends?

Do we even know him or is he just some acquaintance from our childhood?

Are we subscribed to his newsfeed by checking in at church?

Do we scroll past what he says because we don’t like it?

Do we block him from our thought feed because his words offend us?

Do we delete in our mind any correction or objections that his words speak to our life?

Do we ever respond to a single thing he says?

Are we pretending to be passionate about what he says in an effort to gain favor with others?

Do we only respond when we think we may get something in return?

Are we sharing his words in an effort to make him known, or are we sharing his words in an effort to make ourselves known?

Are we making known our praise for him to others with the hidden desire that others will return praise to us?

These are tough questions, and questions that the Lord has posed at my heart more than once. These are the questions that matters most.



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