Our Own Little Staircase to Heaven

23 Aug

Our nine year-old son, was in the laundry room with me last night helping me fold clothes. He looked at all the baskets of his siblings.

“Are these baskets ever empty, mama?”

“Nope. Every morning we wake up and more clothes go in them.”

“But one day, after we move out, the baskets will be empty.”

Time seemed to freeze as he finished his sentence. How is it that this young child just saw that? That image of empty baskets and children moved out and on their own? And doesn’t a mama of young ones just need that reminder all too often? That the baskets aren’t always going to be full. That the dirty laundry and the nitty-gritty, hard to get out dirt that comes with parenting- the kind that needs washed from the heart… It is all part of a grand blessing. 

He continued folding. We joked he could bring me home his laundry .

Come bed time our younger son, for whatever reason, felt led to put a shoe on every step. Let it be known that normally my rule is, if I put your shoes on the steps, they need to go up to your room when you go upstairs. And yet- one shoe rested on each step in a way that I have never seen.

I took a picture of it. It was a dark picture as it was night time. But later I adjusted the light.

Sometimes we just need more light to see

The beauty of a shoe on every step. 

Yep-  Our own little staircase to heaven can be seen in the staircase that is our children.


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