Fall or Jump?

30 Jun

It was early evening. We were all out on the dock. Our bigger kids were jumping and splashing. Hubby and I were on watch guard duty next to our two youngest.

I had hubby’s phone in my hand trying to snap a picture. He asked me for his phone. I handed it over, and suddenly, immediately, I feel his other hand shove at my side.

In a knee-jerk reaction, I grabbed for one of the dock posts and thankfully catch myself from plummeting over. Hubby was smiling and looking a bit disappointed and even a bit more determined to push me in yet still.

I wasn’t dressed for swimming. I didn’t want to take the plunge. I was begging “Please, no!” He laughed, gave a few more bumps and let me be.

I felt relieved.
But most of all…

I felt loved.

Because there is something about standing out on a dock next to someone you love… This incredibly strong urge to push them over the edge starts to just rise up. You begin to imagine the sheer joy of seeing them surprised and then totally submerged in that water. And clearly, my hubby was overcome by that urge.

Where does that urge even come from? I can’t help but think tonight that it truly comes from Jesus.

Jesus desires to surprise us and submerge us in the love of God. Still many of us I think try to fight it. We don’t want to be one of those over-the-edge Christians. But can I tell you something? There is a lot of joy when you stop trying to hold firm to your post, but instead just let yourself fall into his love.

So, go ahead. Let go.
Better yet, JUMP into His love.


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