Written on His Hands

20 May


So on Sunday our Pastor encouraged us to pick up a prayer bracelet to remind us to pray for a young person that would soon be attending a Young Life camp. Standing in the parking lot after after church I felt the feeling of a something being wrapped around my wrist. I looked over and our son had wrapped this bracelet with the name “Cole Swayze.” And since then, I have been praying at all moments of the day and night for Cole Swayze. I have no idea who he is, but I must admit I can’t get over how this one little bracelet has caused me to think about and pray for him all the time. And it has got me thinking.

Somewhere is Cole Swayze. He has no idea who I am or that his name is written on my wrist. He has no idea that I even exist let alone that I am filled with hope and joy for him. He has no idea how the little things I see cause me to stop and pray for him. So many thoughts and prayers because his name is right there near my hand.

And you know something? Your name is written somewhere to.

Isaiah 49:16
“See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands…”

God knows your name. He has written it on his hands. His thoughts of you are countless. His hopes for you, unending. And you may not have a single thought about him, but that doesn’t stop his many, many thoughts and prayers for you. My prayer for you tonight, as it is for Cole Swayze, is this:

May you daily see the hand of God moving everywhere you move.


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