Just the Bait

13 May


These last few days our kids have been picking up worms hidden under the stepping stones along our side and front yard. Incredible to watch really.

Somehow those worms seem to thrive in the dark and dirt. They are found in the tightest, most crammed places. They are found literally up against a rock.

Which got me thinking.

Sometimes God will allow us to be in the dark places, those places where it feels like we are up against a wall, places where its hard to breathe, places we are forced to dig deep.

But you know what is incredible about those dark, crammed, and dirty places? In those places, if we can look closely, and pick up what God is trying to show us and teach us, we can become equipped to truly catch his blessings.

No, not every life experience is something we desire to have in our hands.

So many things we don’t want to feel.

So many things we would rather have out of sight.

But God has a way of shedding his light, lifting our eyes and showing us the purpose of life in the dark places.

And our time there… Every heart beat and motion in those dark places is also felt and held in his hands.

All of it, yes all of it… Is just the beginning…

Just the bait for great blessings to come.


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