Every Job is Important

09 Apr


I just watched my honey heading out on his first trip to fly a new plane for a new airline… I watched him walk off in his new uniform, rolling behind him was his official crew baggage. As I watched him walk off I could not help but smile as I considered all the many jobs I have seen this man walk into- and I mean MANY. I have watched him head out our door to head to construction sites where he would be laying tile and granite. I have watched him walk out our door to head to insurance sales meetings. I have watched him walk out our door in full camo, heading out for new ventures with the US Army. I have watched him head out our door starting the new venture of learning to fly. I have watched him head out our door to meet with advertisers and discuss new designs and layouts in the magazine he created. I have watched him head out our door to serve up tacos from a food truck that he bought, designed and personally upgraded. I have watched him head out our door with boxes of t-shirts designed and pressed by him in route to local marathon runners. I have watched him walk out our door to fly for the National Guard. Over the twelve years of our marriage, and over the nearly 20 years I have known him, I have watched him walk into many jobs… Flashbacks to the smell of plumeria flowers as we held hands walking to his job as a bagger for the commissary when he was 15… He has never ceased to work.

But there is a reason I wanted to share his many “jobs” with whoever may read this today- and it is this: I want you to know something that the Lord continues to remind me of through my husband:

Every job is equally important. Every job is part of a greater purpose. If you have asked Christ into your heart and asked him to guide you and lead you- Everywhere you step, Christ is stepping. Your “job” is so much more than a paycheck. It is a God-given opportunity to make a difference. My husband knows this. He reminds me of this. And in that knowledge is found the secret to having deep joy in any job.

Whatever job you may be stepping into today, I pray you will be encouraged and reminded that God is stepping with you. Some of you may step into new offices today, new countries and cities… Some of you may simply step back into the same kitchen to prepare a meal for the same little faces… Each job is equally important and infact, often the “least of the jobs” is where Christ is seen the greatest:

To the Walmart employee called to unclog the toilet… Christ is shining in you. To the trash collector grabbing hold of what no one else wants to even smell let alone touch- Christ is shining in you. To the foster parent taking in the hurt and angry child who curses you and “will never” see you as his or her parent- Christ is shining in you.

Whatever job God has called you to today- it is important. It is God-given. May you shine today in the job you do.



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One response to “Every Job is Important

  1. Hannah

    August 13, 2015 at 10:39 am

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I found it very encouraging. I work in retail, am not paid very much, and often I wonder if this seemingly trivial job makes any difference. But you are right, there are many jobs out there that are considered unimportant compared to others, yet if there were no one to do those jobs (i.e. unclogging toilets, trash collecting) it wouldn’t be a pretty sight would it? So many people take for granted the people who do those jobs. Every job, no matter how trivial it seems, is part of a greater purpose and thank you for reminding me of that. We tend to forget the people working “behind the scenes” who contribute to the bigger picture and help things to run smoothly. It’s very true that Christ is seen the greatest in the “least of the jobs.” I want to thank you for reminding me that whatever job God has called me to is important. If God called me to do something, then it’s important because I know that whatever Christ has called me to always has meaning. You’ve encouraged me to stop dwelling on how monotonous my job seems, to stop worrying that it doesn’t pay a lot, and to realize that it IS important because God called me to it. Even if others look down on that sort of job, I know that God called me to it and I am ultimately working for Him. I found a lot of meaning in what you wrote, so thank you again for the encouraging words.


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