When I See Parents of Older Children

18 Feb

When I see my friends post pictures of their older children, I don’t see a mom or dad with a teenager or adult. I see a parent with their baby or toddler who is all grown up. I imagine the joy and the battles they have gone through. And truthfully- I can’t imagine.

I can’t imagine what it is like to have a teenager raging mad at you. I can’t imagine the pain it must inject in your heart to have the same child who giggled and laughed and thought the world of you, know roll their eyes and slam doors in your face. I can’t imagine the sense of betrayal that would bring, the hurt and the discouragement that would follow.

I also can’t imagine the joy and anxiousness that I would feel when my child learns to drive. Baby’s first steps are exciting. They are incredible. They are amazing. But baby’s first steps are still made under my roof- where I can watch baby and better guard baby.

What does that feel like to watch that same baby step foot in a vehicle and drive far from my watch? I know I will find out. There is so much I have yet to learn.

So for those of you who have been through it and who are in it- in the “older” years- I want you to know us moms of kids in the “younger” years, we applaud you. We are routing for you. We pray for you. Because the messes and challenges don’t stop at potty training. Truly- “potty training” goes on for years and years. And you parents- who are still faithfully training your children- still getting “pooped” on- still cleaning up the messes- You are reflecting the very heart of Christ.

Because he keeps loving us. He keeps changing us. He keeps enduring our crap. He keeps loving us and rejoicing in us.

May those of you who are parents of older children today be strengthened and encouraged. You are going to be more than ok. You are going to one day- if not today- be called their hero.
So hang in there. Keep fighting. Every hero has a fight to fight.

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