It’s kind of like buying lightbulbs…

17 Feb

When you read scriptures and passages from the Bible, there will be many times when you just don’t get it- or perhaps you won’t agree with it. But I want to encourage anyone who will hear me out on this: Don’t stop reading it. Because it is kind of like this. It is kind of like buying light bulbs.

You are going to read a scripture. It won’t make sense- but now it is there, in the back of your mind, where God can use it. You will go about your business, time will pass, and then something will happen. You will see something or hear something or experience something. Suddenly it is like someone screwed in the lightbulb and hit the switch. It is the same word, but suddenly it makes sense- Suddenly, it is no longer just head knowledge; it is heart knowledge.

God will do that. He will light up his word with such beauty and power that it will blow you away… But it is hard to light up a room with no light bulbs. The electricity may be on, and there may be lamps, but without the bulbs there will be no light.

Likewise, the person and power of God is always around you. You can sense that even if you have never read a single scripture. But I can tell you from personal experience- there is so much joy in reading his word with the faith that he will cause it to come to light. Because he will. And when he does it will light up your life with glorious light. You won’t stumble in the same areas you have alway stumbled because the light is now on and you can see clearly not to walk there.

And so there is a great reward for taking the time to read your Bible and it is simply this: Those who store up many light bulbs, will be those who walk in great light.


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One response to “It’s kind of like buying lightbulbs…

  1. kp152

    February 17, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Very wise.


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