Make Time

20 Jan

Thanks to my momma, I have been able to be home alone today, cleaning and listening to music (without crying and messes exploding and the sound of “Mommmm!!!!!”) Yesterday and last night I got to spend alone time with my hubby. I just wanted to share two thoughts as I reflect on this:

#1 If you are a grandparent you can be such a blessing to your child’s marriage. Providing that time for your child to be alone with his or her spouse- loving on those kids that you did not birth and truly you may feel at times too old to care for- those are such great, big, huge gifts. You have the ability to strengthen your child’s marriage. You have the ability to strengthen your family. You have the ability to make such a big difference in what may feel like such a small, ordinary task. I am so thankful for my mom for giving us this gift. You are a blessing momma. May God richly bless you for all you do for us.

#2- Time alone with your spouse is like breath for your marriage- if you spend that time wisely. You don’t have to go out. You don’t have to spend money. You don’t have to make any big plans other than the simple plan to reconnect and draw closer to each other. If you haven’t had time alone with your spouse- time where you have purposed to draw closer to their heart- right now is a great time to make time. Do it. Do it now. It matters most.


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2 responses to “Make Time

  1. Angie Mc

    January 20, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Amen! Charity, because of relocations connected to my husband’s work, I didn’t have extended family to help care for me and my children. Now that I’m going to be a grandmother in April (first time, I’m soooo excited) I can’t wait to make it a priority to be there for my daughter, her baby, and my new son-in-law. They, too, have been called away from home in order for him to continue his graduate studies, but I’m eager to visit and help as often as is helpful. Give your mom a “hi” from me 🙂

    • Charity

      January 23, 2014 at 11:15 am

      Congratulations! And I will! 🙂


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