Have You Made Room for Jesus?

26 Dec

No ones truly knows the thoughts or what became of the inn keeper who turned Mary and Joseph and Jesus away. All we really know is that an inn keeper told Mary and Joseph that he did not have room to let them in.

As I consider that inn keeper I cannot help but consider how God places people and opportunities in our path. God places himself in our path. We have the choice to make room or not.

Tonight, in the aftermath of a day filled with accommodations, gifts, joy, family, friends, cooking, cleaning, and borderline exhaustion, if you haven’t already… I pray you join me in making some room for Jesus. Let us open our hearts to Him, thank him for the fullness of today and ask him to open our eyes to where we need to make the room for Him to be clearly seen.


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One response to “Have You Made Room for Jesus?

  1. Kate

    December 26, 2013 at 9:09 am

    I was just thinking about this this morning…ready to run out to day after Christmas sales…but needed to remember Him and spend time with Him. Thanks for the reminder..


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