Love Stitched Through Every Inch

11 Dec

I received in the mail today these hand-made washcloths from my incredible aunt. Man, do these put a smile on my face! Not only because they are so useful to have in our kitchen- but more so because I know love is stitched through every inch of them.

I once told her that her pattern reminds me that God causes all things to come together to make something so intricately beautiful. He weaves together those times in our life that feel like big holes and empty space. They come together in the midst of his perfectly woven plan. One day we will be able to look back and see His master design and how His hand wove it all together-

the emptiness-
the fullness-
the times when his hold felt so close-
the times when his hold felt so far…

It is all part of something beautiful, something useful, something that has love stitched through every inch.


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