Blessings. Not Burdens. Blessings.

02 Nov

This season of our life has been requiring so much energy. To be honest, I am tired.

But everyday the sun keeps rising, as do our little ones and the demands of the day.

And it is then, when those voices rise up,

And when I see that sun peeping again through our curtains,

And my mind starts to drift to the demands of the day,

That I have to remind myself that there is grace for today.

There is grace.

And more than that, there are blessings…


Not burdens.


I have to repeat it to myself.

I am repeating it to myself even now,
because even now- there is more to do.

The night is not over and chances are, soon enough, that sun and those voices are going to rise, yet again.

And when they do, may I remember, that our time here is so finite.

And each day, each minute, each moment, is a gift from God,

And incredibly,

He is with us in each moment,

Trying to open our eyes to blessings… Not burdens… Blessings.

May we see our blessings for what they truly are. Because as we do, joy rises and that joy of The Lord brings energy. That joy brings the strength we need.

“… the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10


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