Wired to Dance

15 Oct


We are sitting, enjoying frozen yogurt, and talking with a friend. Then it starts. Up above our head, coming from the restaurant speakers, is a beat, and it is a REALLY catchy beat.

I stand up to throw away our cups, and as I walk toward the trashcan, I find myself bobbing my head and moving my shoulders to the beat.

Such a great beat.

I turn back around to see that I am not alone.

Our son, like me, is dancing to the beat. He just can’t sit still.

His shoulders are going.

His head bobbing.

He is shuffling around in his seat, with all kinds of joyous and hilarious facial expressions.

He is moving so much I can’t catch a good pic.


I laugh as I watch him convinced of this truth:

We are wired to dance.

God has wired us in such a way that it is a fight to sit still when we hear a good beat.

Something in us is wired to get in the groove and move.

It is a God thing.

And He should be our Song.

Life with Him is not all about being serious, still and quiet.

No, life with Him is also about being joyous, vibrant and exciting.

Life with him is ALL about moving to His beat.

And it is SUCH a great beat.

Take some time this week to dance.

Take some time to laugh.

Take some time to move and groove and enjoy His awesome beat.

Exodus 15:2
The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him— my father’s God, and I will exalt him!


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