This Miraculous Thing Called Parenting

17 Sep


As a woman who has carried children in the womb, I find it simply incredible, what God has created through uniting me with my husband. Both of us were and are needed for a specific purpose, to share in the wonder of the creation and raising up of a specific person who was knit together by God from strands of the unimaginably complex and wonderful threads that could have only come from my husband and me. It is incredible, unfathomable really.

And equally incredible to me, are the many beautiful adopted and fostered children and their parents who I have met over the years. I think of them, and about grandparents and relatives, specific people, who have carried and labored, birthed, raised and continue to raise with excellence children who were knitted together in someone else’s womb. I think about these children who, while being knit in one womb by God, were also being entwined and directly stitched, with every single thread, to the body and heart of another. These are the stitches that no microscope can see. These are the wombs, growing unseen, but undeniably felt by those in which they grow.

Each parent is needed.
Each parent is an essential co-creator, shaper and molder of a specific, God-knit, person.

Divine placement.
Divine purpose.
Divine molding.
All set in motion by divine love.

That is the awe of this miraculous thing called parenting.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;” – Jeremiah 1:5


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