Opening up Lines of Communication

16 Sep

Up early trying to text with my hubby but the signal is so bad that our texts are not going through. Perhaps it is just his location. Perhaps there is something else interfering. I am not sure. All I know is I keep staring at the bottom of the text bubble waiting for that little word “delivered.” I want to be able to communicate with my husband! I want my words to be delivered! And I want his words delivered to me!

Interesting though- as I consider the great Biblical analogy of the body of Christ as the bride of Christ.

You know, you cannot communicate with your spouse, your loved ones, or with God in the fullness he intended, if the line of communication is hindered.

If there is interference in our marriage and relationships, we need to see that. We need to cut out the interference. (Which may mean cutting out or stepping away from Facebook, or youtube, or Instagram, or Pinterest in order to get a good, strong signal with the one we love. It may mean cutting out the shows we watch, the books we read, anything that is simply interference.

If we truly want that relationship, that open line, that precious exchange of words with the ones we love, we have got to knock out the interference and get delivered.

Whatever it takes.

Put down the phone and open your Bible.

Put down the phone and really look and talk to your spouse, your kid, your friend.

Turn off the tv show that is truly nothing but drama.

Put down the book that is not building you up or drawing you closer to Christ.

Open up some time in your day by turning off the distractions.

Speaking to myself here but thinking that maybe, just maybe, I am not the only one needing to have communication lines opened up today.

Knock out the interference, reposition yourself, and you open the lines. You become delivered.


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