The Beautiful Gate of Brokenness

01 Sep


This morning at church our Pastor read the account of a man, lame from birth, who daily was placed at the gate of the local temple, to beg for money and food from the people who passed by. The account is found in the book of Acts (chapter 3). And though many things stood out to me in this amazing story of a man who was miraculously healed by the spoken word of two men who had faith in Jesus, one thing continues to stand out in my mind. The name of the gate where the man was placed was called “Beautiful.”


Sometimes I think we forget just how beautiful we are to God in our lameness and in our brokenness. When we just don’t have what it takes to make it, when life seems to have dealt us an unfair deck, when day after day we find ourselves in the same seemingly wretched place, to God, we are still beautiful.

And all we need to do is raise our eyes up, ask, and expect to receive something, anything, to get us through the day.

And God, in his miraculous and beautiful grace, has a way of coming to us, speaking to us, and meeting our every need, when we ask, expecting to receive.

He can cause us to rise up from a place of lameness, and brokenness, and spring up, to walk with him passed that place where we have been for so long.

And so brokenness is merely a beautiful gate, where Jesus meets us, heals us and walks us through.

(I encourage you to read Acts Chapter 3 in a Bible today if you are in a place of brokenness. As you do, may you feel the mighty hand of Jesus Christ lift you up. May you rise up, may you leap up, and walk.)


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