Make this Monday Wonderful

15 Jul

Put on thankfulness this Monday morning.

Start by considering all the things in your life that you should be thankful for.

Are you healthy?
Others are battling sickness.

Did you have food to eat for breakfast?
Others did not.

Did you have a hard time deciding what to wear today?
For some there is no decision.

Did you have a bad hair day?
Some have no hair, their therapy has caused it to all fall out.

Did you lock the door of your home on your way to work?
Some have no home nor job to go to.

Did you get in a car to continue your travels?
Some have no car.

Did you kiss your spouse good-bye this morning?
Some have no spouse.

Did your needy little ones wake you earlier than planned?
Some little ones never awoke.

Are you meeting a friend for lunch?
Some have no friends.

And what else can you be thankful for?

Consider all that you have and be thankful, truly thankful.

Make today a wonderful, meaningful, Monday.


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