Putting Away the Dishes… Again

12 Jun


“The dishes need put away… Ughh… Didn’t I just do this yesterday? And the day before that? And before that?

I hate putting away dishes. What is the point really? Why do I spend so much time putting them ‘in there place’? Is it even worth the time I spend?”

These were my thoughts, until I remembered how God put all things in there proper place.

All things.

The stars…

The seas…

The crashing waves…


He put ME in my place.

He perfectly placed me to see what I have seen, meet who I have met, experience what I have experienced. And not just me.

He placed my husband, in the perfect place to meet me.

We have all been perfectly placed. Placed with a purpose.

Placed where we can be found.

So, does it matter where I place my clean dishes? Yes, it matters. Because when I place them where they belong, I can clearly see the work of the One who washed me,

And placed me,

And continues to place me,

Exactly where I need to be.


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