“You Killed it!”

10 Jun

Our four year-old daughter stands, over looking the once beautiful, potted “Christmas tree” her daddy brought home to her. Glossy eyed, with a frown that would break a grown man’s heart, her words begin to pour out, “You killed it! You killed my tree! I told you to plant it! Now it is dead!”

Indeed, she had told me we should plant it, but I hadn’t. I did not really know how to keep it, how to make it last, how to make it grow. So I just kept it, in its original pot, and slowly, over the course of time, it died.

Perhaps it was the “Rollie-Pollie” bugs we found in its roots when we removed it from the pot. Perhaps it was the heat, the light, the lack or abundance of water. I have no real clue as I am only learning to garden. Bottom line, I killed it. And she, at the tender age of four years-old, had a choice to make:

The choice of forgiveness.

What has someone killed in your life? Have you considered that maybe they just did not know better? Have you chosen forgiveness?

Choose it, because I can tell you one thing I have begun to understand so clearly from gardening: Bitterness will sap your energy and prevent new growth.

Will you break off the bitterness? Will you choose forgiveness? Will you allow new life to grow? That is what matters most.


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