Pursuing Perfection

16 Jul

I can remember two years ago when I first volunteered to write the “What Matters Most” articles for a local magazine. I enjoyed writing and reflecting on our family and my faith so I was thrilled at the opportunity to write for the section, though I did not really knowing exactly how or what I would write about. I debated about how much of my life I wanted to reveal. I prayed about an overall vision for the articles. In the end, I decided that no matter what I wrote, I was going to write with one purpose, to encourage. I pray that my articles have done just that.

Every so often, choosing a topic to write about for another edition is tough. I find myself writing way too much or not nearly enough to fill the space. Sometimes I find it hard to write anything at all. Four to five paragraphs turn into four or five hours. That was me, struggling to write what you are now reading. And as I sat there, fighting feelings of frustration over my inability to produce the perfect article in the perfect amount of time, I was reminded of this simple truth: I am not perfect.

Though I write articles on marriage, family, faith, and life, my marriage, my family, my faith and my life are not perfect. I mess up. I say things I regret. I act out in ways that I shouldn’t. I doubt. And when I look at Christ’s perfect example of loving God, loving others and living a sinless life, I realize just how far from perfect I truly am.

And if that isn’t enough to cause some sense of failure, I could convert to comparing myself to all the seemingly successful women around me. I could confirm that I fall short of Pinterest perfection and that I fail to live every moment in a way that I would be proud to post on Facebook. Still, all this has not stopped me from sharing and it has not stopped me from striving for perfection. It has simply caused me to reconsider my idea of pursuing perfection.

I don’t need to desire to be the perfect Pinterest mother. I don’t have to strive to be the best blogger, or contemplate on how I can become more likeable on Facebook. I don’t need to compare myself against other wives or Christian writers and desire to be like them. I don’t need to desire to write the perfect article in the perfect amount of time. All I need to desire is Jesus. Pursuing Him is the only pursuit for perfection I need. When I pursue Him, I reach the place of perfect peace.

If you are struggling with your imperfections, take heart. You don’t need to be perfect. Pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ. You will find that even your imperfections are part of his perfect plan.


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