The Heat and the Reign

06 Jul

It’s been dry here and hot, incredibly hot. It has been so dry for so long that you long for the slightest glimpse of a dark cloud. The sound of thunder awakens a sleeping hope in your spirit for relief from the heat. The lake that is near our home that was once cool and inviting is now luke warm. There is no relief found there. Hundreds if not thousands of mosquitoes have made it their sanctuary. The urge to sit at its bank has evaporated. The desire to dive into its waters has withered like grass. We continue to water our grass but it is done in vain. The crops fail.

As I reflect on all these things I wonder, how long? How long do the hearts of men have to go without the Spirit of God before they ache for the pouring down of His Spirit on our land? How dry do our finances need to become? How many of our plans need to fail? How luke warm in faith do we need to get before we realize something has changed for the worse? How much sin needs to breed here? When will we cry out for God to reign?

Psalm 72:6
May he be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth!


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