Facebook and Forgiveness

13 Jun

So I realized last night that some of my older posts are now missing from my Facebook wall. (My kids love to play on my phone so chances are they were accidentally deleted.) The bummer is that so far I have used Facebook much like my scrapbook to hold precious pictures and notes of thoughts I did not want to forget. Unfortunately once a post is deleted it seems to be forever lost. So I think I am going to start slowly transitioning my “scrapbook” of all of my precious Facebook posts to this blog. At least here I can recover a deleted post.

(For the few of you who are following- please know that this means you may see many posts from me on a given day until I get all my posts copied over here.)

All of this got me thinking:

If the inability for me to correct a mistake is enough for me to want to turn away from Facebook- how much more would others want to turn away from me if I offer no forgiveness when they make a mistake?

Forgive. Real friends are too precious to be lost forever.


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