Gone Fishing

06 May

When I used to hear the word fishing I would imagine a man sitting alone on a boat in the middle of a glassy lake. I would picture him patiently waiting for his catch, fishing pole in hand and line stretched out across the waters. His tackle box would be next to him with all his lures, hooks, bobbins and bait in perfect order. His worms and crickets would be tightly closed in their containers. He would get a bite and pull in a nice-sized fish that he would scoop up in the net that had been resting by his feet. It was a peaceful and relaxing scene.

Oh, how children can change your perspective. Fishing with children is nothing like that scene. You sit at a safe distance from wherever the children are, on constant alert incase one should fall. You dodge flying hooks and poles. You search for lures that have long been lost on the bottom of the lake. You rescue bobbins hanging in trees. You find worms in all sorts of places where boys have left them, including the back of their little sister’s dress. Crickets, intended for bait, are thrown in the water for fun, filling the bellies of any fish that may have fed on them had they been on a line. The catch of the day usually consists of branches, clothing, other fishing poles and the net that could have been used to catch a fish should one have actually gotten caught. Every so often they actually catch a fish, but most of the time you are untangling fishing line.

This is usually due to a wrong casting technique. The wrong cast, by a child or an adult, can cause quite a bit of “backlash” and create what is called a “bird’s nest.” Teaching your children the right casting technique will help them become better fishers. It requires much patience and a pair of scissors. You may first need to learn from a seasoned fisherman the right way to cast. In the meantime, consider yourself growing in patience and skill at untangling even the worst tangled lines and consider the words you speak.

Words are quickly cast out and often difficult to reel in and they can get us tangled into some pretty difficult situations. It is no different with our words. The wrong words will cause quite a bit of backlash and no one wants to be found in a nest of lies. Aim to cast out words of compassion, truth, wisdom and faith because they are the words that matter most.

When you cast poorly, hand your tangled lines to Jesus. He is an expert at detangling and is standing by for when you fall. Call on him to save your relationships that are tangled in poor communication. Ask Him to teach you how to cast words of love. In this way you will have peace in situations that appear far from peaceful. You will learn patience as you wait for those who are far off to be drawn closer. He will show you how to save the relationship that is hanging in limbo and to reach the loved one who is lost. He will show you how to comfort the one who feels wrong was done behind her back. He will because He is the Master Fisherman. There is not one day that He has not “Gone Fishing.”

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4:19



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2 responses to “Gone Fishing

  1. Bubba Janey

    May 8, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    When fishing with my grandchildren I say, “Tanglers, not anglers!” However, it’s the detangling that builds patience and endurance. And when anyone does catch a fish, what a time to rejoice! Even if it’s a little wee wiggler or a nice sized bass, pure joy! God is present when you are fishing with children. Those little ones are listening to your ever word and watching your every move. You are their model and patience is one of the most challenging lessons to be taught. I’m looking forward to many a fine cast and catch. Bubba Janey

    • Charity

      May 11, 2012 at 12:16 pm

      So true. Love you mom. May we both have the patience to cast well around the troop. 😉


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