23 Jan

Every now and then I find myself unveiling a piece of my heart in my writing that I don’t necessarily feel comfortable revealing. This is one those times. I wanted to share in total transparency my thoughts from earlier today. My hope is that by doing so other parents will see that they are not alone in their frustrations and that there is a way to refocus in those moments when you are totally overwhelmed…



2:22 p.m., Today

“I am so far behind in laundry that I have an entire pack-n-play filled with laundry to fold, a full load in the wash and in the dryer and four more loads to run.The sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and the dishwasher needs emptied. There are toys and blankets, video tapes, shoes, crayons, cheerios, and smashed carrots covering the floor.

I have stacks and stacks of paper to file. Many letters still unopened. Tons of homeschool papers needing graded and kids sitting at the table ready to start another lesson. I didn’t write my first graders lesson plan yet.

I need to list events on our company website. They should have been listed yesterday. Two year old is roaming. Baby is fussing. Older boys picking at each other and being loud.

I ate lunch standing up. Four pieces of a quesadilla. One piece as I was making everyone else’s. Another on the way to taking my daughter to sit on the potty. Another after wiping her bottom. One in between running loads of laundry.

This is my life.

Dear God, I need you to overwhelm me. Pile on sweet moments of profound awareness of your love. Scatter your blessings everywhere I walk. Store up sweet words for me, may you send more and more each day. Speak to me loudly as I wait for your plans for me to be revealed. Overwhelm me with your peace, a sense of place and order when everything around me is hectic and out-of-place. I love you Lord. May your love overwhelm me more than anything in this world because your love for me is what matters most.”


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3 responses to “Overwhelmed

  1. Bubba Janey

    January 24, 2012 at 2:56 am

    When you are overwhelmed, envision Jesus’s outstreched arms encircling you in a big hug. Know that you are being held in an embrace of protection and love. I remember dirty laundry growing up. The upstairs in our home had a laundry shute that sent the clothes directly to the basement. However, if you went to the basement the piles of dirty laundry were amazing! Things would go down the shute never to be seen again! As a teen, I learned to do my own basket of dirty clothes to assure that what I wanted for school was clean. Breathe my darling daughter! All those dishes in the sink, dirty clothes, and life surrounding you are God’s glory! Smile and know that each item you do place your hands on is a blessing for your family. Be present in the mundane everyday things of life and laugh when you feel like crying. Pray, laugh, and love! I wish I were there to help you out. I sit alone in my apartment and feel the miles between us. Know that I am there in my heart folding clothes, soothing boo-boos, sweeping up crumbs, and hugging and kissing you all! XO Bubba Janey

    • Charity

      January 24, 2012 at 10:40 am

      Love your comment Momma. I can only imagine the laundry at your home growing up with 9 siblings! Thank God I don’t have to do laundry in a basement and I can only imagine all the things my kids would get thrown down a laundry shoot! I would probably find a child down there! Thank you for your encouraging words. Miss you and love you bunches.

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  2. Charity

    January 29, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    I am learning that:

    Enjoying each moment does not mean having a continuous smile on your face. It means that during the most difficult and painful times when the tears are falling, you have a joy deep down in your spirit because you know you are learning and growing and being formed by God into exactly who he wants you to be. You are broken on the outside but inside you are filled with unshakeable faith, hope and joy. This is enjoying the moment.


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