Google is Not God

02 Jan

The other night after bedtime, our boys wanted me to stay in their room with them to answer all of their burning questions about fishing, death, heaven, the universe, stars, our spinning planet, surgeries, and more. I am always amazed at their questions:

“Why am I not good at fishing?

How do you get the catfish off the line and then cook it?

Is God alone in heaven?

Who is in heaven?

How far away is heaven?

What is a star made of?

Can a star hit our planet?

Is our planet really spinning?

Why don’t we feel it?

What do doctors use to cut people?

How do they put the part they cut open back together?

Is that how the doctor got us out of you?

What is happening to your body when you are sleeping?”

I answered all their questions as best as I could. Then I told them, “I am not God. I don’t know all the answers.” My oldest son answered, “But you have Google.” I then had to remind my children that Google is not God.  Perhaps today you need that reminder too.

Perhaps you have been seeking answers for some really hard questions in your life. Perhaps you or someone you know has been given a medical diagnosis that has turned your life upside down. Perhaps you have been doing extensive research on ways for you to provide for your family.  Perhaps you are simply keeping a close track on world news, trying your best to plan for things ahead.  Perhaps you are simply like the many of us who trust Google to have the answer for what you need to know: the recipe, the image, the link, whatever.

I want to challenge you today by asking you this: Do you trust Google more than you trust God? Do you turn to Google for answers more than you turn to God’s Word? 

Google gives you possibilities. God’s Word gives you certainties. When you are seeking answers to the really  hard questions you can try Google. You can find tons of information on nearly everything you want to know. You will find many opinions and “facts” that absolutely matter. Just keep in mind that in the end, what God says matters most.

Seek the answers to the really hard questions by praying and studying God’s Word. Trust the answer that God reveals. Teach your kids to to do the same.

Psalm 33:4
For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does


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2 responses to “Google is Not God

  1. Bubba Janey

    January 3, 2012 at 12:13 am

    God is the only certainty. I love my grandchildren and their mommy. How blessed I feel to read the wonder, innocence, and wisdom! Makes me miss you all the more. Take care and don’t be afraid to not have the answers. That what’s the greatest human resource is, answered questions. LOVE, Bubba Janey


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