Beautiful Boundaries

31 Oct

The other day, I noticed a patch of woods near a high-traffic road byour home. Large metal cords had been stretched along the entire edge of the wooded area facing the road, creating a clearly defined boundary. It was not attractive to say the least. After noticing a bowing in the lines, I theorized, “Perhaps caring people have put up boundaries to protect deer from crossing into areas wherethey could get hurt.” My theory was proven correct when only two days later I witnessed two young and beautiful dear jumping over a similar fencing along side the interstate. Once over, they appeared panicked, as if trying to figure out how to get back to the place where they were before they passed the boundary.

I could not help but consider the strong similarities I see in the behavior of our children. If told to stay on the sidewalk, they will stand with their toes on the edge. Many little hands have been burned on our pancake griddle and many little feet have been scarred from fire ant bites as our children continue to test their boundaries. It is a dangerous mentality that, sadly, many seem to never grow out of.

God has placed boundaries in His Word. Many see them as restrictive and, likewise, they see God and Christians as the issuers of all the “do nots.” I know this because I once did myself. I read about drunkenness, lust, gossip, violence, sorcery and witchcraft and many more of God’s “do nots,” some of which I rather enjoyed doing. I did not understand His boundaries and a life full of “do nots” was “unattractive” to say the least. Now I understand that God places His boundaries to protect us because He loves us. He desires to see us live our lives to the fullest, making the best choices possible, just as any loving parent does for their child.

I challenge you this week to reconsider the boundaries that are clearly defined in the Bible. Instead of trying to buck the boundaries, trust that God has placed them there for your good. Make the right choice to trust God and live within His boundaries. It is a choice that matters most and I can assure you it is a choice that you will not regret.


Psalm 16:6

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.


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