Say Mama

23 Oct

Our baby girl just turned seven months-old. She still has no teeth. She has rubbed off the long hair she was born with on the back of her head, leaving her hair looking much like that of a sumo wrestler’s topped with a bow. Her big cheeks are warm against mine and the back of her neck has little rolls too tempting to not nibble at. Her belly is round and her legs are chubby. I call her my “ball of squishy goodness” and “sweetness in skin.” Her smile and laugh are the main attraction in our home.

She is yet to say her first word. It is highly anticipated to say the least, especially considering her babbles have become quite the show. Up until only a few weeks ago we would keep her with us in the main service at our church. We transitioned her to the nursery as we noticed a trend in her desire to out-preach our Pastor and sing over the worship leader. Not that the other members or our Pastor seemed to mind, in fact it brought much joy to the service and led to many a conversation following.

Just last week my husband and I went on a dinner date and brought her along. Her voice was the loudest voice in the restaurant! Then when getting her home and in her crib, she sang herself to sleep! Not that this is anything new to us, our two year-old daughter often does the same thing. It just so happened that “act one” was not performing this night.

Needless to say, any day now our sweet baby should say her first word. Like every mom, I am hoping it is “mama.” I know that she has been calling my name for months. Her eyes, smiles, and cries all call “mama.” I have been answering her calls for months even though she has never really said my name. Still, I just can’t wait to hear her say my name! By the way she has been turning in her lips over the past few days it has to be soon. Even our eight year-old son is anxiously waiting for her to finally get it out.

All this makes me wonder what joy Jesus must have felt the first time I called out His name. Could it be that He was answering my calls for Him even when I did not know His name? I know that in the end our daughter’s first word, whether it by my name or not, is not what matters most. What matters most is that one day she calls out His name. What a joy that day will be!

Psalm 138:3

On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased.


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