The Things They Say

22 Aug

If there is one thing you can count on about children, it is this: They will blow you away with the words that come out of there mouth. The other day our four year-old son needed disciplined after storming out of the room in a furry. Awhile after I had addressed his misbehavior he said to me, “Mom… I love you… even when I am wrong.” I had to stand there for some time and think about his words. His simple statement made me examine my own heart and my own attitude toward God and others when I do wrong. Do I admit it? Do I stay angry when I am corrected? Do I try to justify the wrong I did? Am I able to say, “I love you, even when I am wrong?”

Of course, not every statement will be so profound. Some are just plain funny. Our five-year-old asked me the other morning, “Mom, is God alone in heaven?” I answered him, “No, there are many people in heaven with God. Why would you ask me that?” He answered, “Because He is ‘God Alone’.” I could not help but smile and laugh as I realized that the beautiful worship songs we love to listen to obviously have different meaning to my young son.

When trying to teach our four year-old that Jesus was God in the flesh he quickly responded, “God in the toilet?!” Not knowing the word “flesh” he assumed it meant “flush.” And so Jesus became God in the toilet. I realized I may need to translate the faith lingo better.

Still, explaining words has proven to bring on many a memorable conversation. After buying the generic brand of Gold Fish, which happen to be Gold Whales, our son asked me, “Mom, are whales fish?” I answered, “No, whales are mammals.” He then asked, “Well, may I have some Gold Mammals?” The name has stuck ever since.

Our children also have a talent at saying everything I would not want them to say. During my four month-old daughter’s check-up my seven year-old made sure to tell the doctor, “My daddy gave her some popsicle! We can’t wait to give her chocolate!” An honest child at his best.

Many times the things they say are pure sweetness to your ears. My two year-old daughter cannot pronounce the “S” sound. She pronounces it as “H.” When she washes her hands with soap she tells me, “I have hope in my hands.”

Whether loving, profound, funny, or embarrassing one thing is for sure I don’t want to forget the things my children say. I try my best to write them down when they happen because I know that all too quickly they will be grown and their voices and language will change. I don’t want to forget the precious moments when those words came from their mouths. These are the memories of them that will matter most.

… “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” – Genesis 21:6


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