My God Move It!

11 Jan

One day our boys wanted to go outside and jump on our trampoline. The weather was looking awful as dark, thick clouds were billowing above. I told them they would not be able to jump because of the weather.  Our six-year-old looked at me and asked, “Well can’t we just pray that the storm will go away?”  I realized how small my faith was when he asked.

Indeed, my faith was small. Nonetheless, I remembered how Jesus said if we had faith as small as a mustard seed we could tell a mountain to be moved and it would move.  He said nothing was impossible with faith.

So I said one small prayer with our boys and asked Jesus to move the storm.  Over the next thirty minutes I watched as my boys with great fervor jumped, shouting at the storm, “My God move it! My God Move It!”

Over the course of thirty minutes, I watched as one small hole in the clouds turned into a great divide, splitting the storm above our backyard.  I learned a lot that day about faith. One small prayer, filled with faith, can indeed move what seems impossible. It may be small, but it matters most.

“…Truly I tell you,

if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,

you can say to this mountain,

‘Move from here to there,’

and it will move.

Nothing will be impossible for you.”

-Matthew 17:20


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