“Because I Love You”

03 Jan

When our third son was three-years old, he had an interesting reply to nearly every question. One day his older brother (who was four at the time) had walked in the room with marker drawn all over his back. I asked our son, “Why did you do that?” His response, “Because I love you.”

Another day we were all playing outside and for no apparent reason he began throwing all of his drawing chalk at his older brother. His brother asked, “Why are you doing that?” His response, “Because I love you.”

A few days later he was wearing his pants backwards. I asked him, “Why do you like to wear them like that?” Once again he responded, “Because I love you.”

The first few days of hearing his responses I remained speechless and dumbfounded. It made no sense. Whether his action seemed good, bad or completely pointless his response was always the same, “Because I love you.”

I could not understand why he would create a mess, or inflict pain, or just like things plain old backwards because of his love. Still, I did not assume my son loved me less when he acted in a way that I did not understand or displeased me; neither did I assume he loved me more when he went through great lengths to display his love. In fact, in the moments when his actions confused or displeased me, I felt the need to get closer to him, to know him better and communicate my love to him even more.

I did not always understand my son’s actions or thoughts or words, and I still don’t. In many ways he is still a complete mystery to me. But the one thing I understand fully is that he loves me. I don’t doubt his love for me and I, without a doubt, love him, even though I do not understand all his actions.

Do I love the Lord like that? Do I truly believe that all he does is because he loves me?

Do you?

That is what matters most.


“… the LORD your God turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the LORD your God loved you.” -Deuteronomy: 23:5


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